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my dry/rough skin story

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hi guys well i have had rough, dry skin ever since i came off the DKR which i had only been on for one month.

now, everytime i come out of the shower, my skin just has all these white things coming out of the pores, and my face feeling tight. and no i dont take really hot showers or use a cleanser or anything. all i do is drink one shot of acv every night and that keeps my face relatively clear, but its still VERY rough.

i shave only at nights with the sensor excel with the neutrogena shave gel for acne prone skin which does not have any SA or BP, it just cleans it lightly..and this actually helps clear my skin and does not irritate it.

i use a moisturizing toner everytime i come out of the shower. every day. every shower and then i moisturize with my neutrogena after shave lotion.

i know that the baby brush method will not work, because these little things coming out of my pores dont come off with a cinch, it would take work, but then irritation would take over and cause acne.

my face is pretty much clear with redmarks, but i just feel as if my face is so rough which it is compared to other ppls. it looks fine, but when you touch it..it just feels like somethings wrong.

my skin just isnt normal on my face..if i go into a pool and come out, i have all the white things coming out of my pores, but they go away after 10 min, but makes my face feel dry. this really affects my lifestyly and everything..i just need some advice..like maybe what vitamins to take to make my face feel more moisturized or what mositurizer is good or somthing. seriously, i would owe so much to you if you helped me. thank you

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Hey. I totally know what you're going through. I figured out a solution to my extremely dry skin problem yesterday!!! haha.. =)

anyways, I'm not really sure what you mean by white things coming out of your pores. I would need to see it.....

Here's some things that have helped me. But my dryness isn't FULLY gone... at least not yet. IT'S GETTING THERE! But yea... here's some things I would definately recommend!!!

-take zinc, vitamin E, vitamin B complex..... these are all good vitamins for your skin. Vitamin A is good too, but it's better if you take it through food (carrots...)

-ROSEWATER. that's like my life savor!! You can get it at your health store or something. But I bought a bottle that was made by a company called "thayers". It has vitamin E, aloe vera....and other stuff. works nicely to moisturize.

-Complex 15 is an AWESOME moisturizer. You can pretty much find it at any pharmacy. If not, then..... you can buy it at drugstore.com.

-Drinking plenty of water is always a plus. Your skin needs to be hydrated

-Go exercise if you want.. it'll help with the circulation and stuff.

-Drinking Clorophyll liquid helps cleans toxins in the body. For some reason, it has shown improvement for acne, and eczema...

-Bio oil is an okay lotion.... but complex 15 is still WAY better. =D

-JOJOBA OIL IS GREAT for dry skin.... LOOK IT UP!!!!

-Honey.... ***put it on for one hour every day***

do some of these things to help your skin get back to normal. Of course it will take a while. Retin A micro and all the other acne prodcuts I used in the past really ruined my skin. I got off of retin a micro about... a month ago? My skin's been getting better. I would give your skin at least 3 months to heal.

If nothing seems to be working, maybe you should go see a dermatologist. As they would know best........ Or, maybe go see one NOW. And if they don't give you anything that helps, try some of my suggestions.

*****Time is key!

best of luck to you!



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