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tanning bed + tane = ?

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so alright, here's the problem.

i have a skin problem on my legs and arms, or i used to at least.

my derm. told me a while ago that if i tanned for a minute or two a couple days a week it would gradually disappear without it causing too much skin damage.

luckily i have a tanning bed in my basement [thanks to my mother] BUT unluckily, the skin problem is coming back because i haven't been tanning for a couple weeks.

i called and asked the nurse if i could continue tanning, even for one minute, and she said she didn't have an answer for me and she would have the doctor call me back.

he called me back and said that it should be okay if i do it no more than a minute and if my skin is not overly dry and put on a heavy moisturizer ten minutes before i tan.

now this is contrary to what i've read on some of the boards.

do you guys think it would damage my skin if i were to tan twice, or even once a week for a minute?

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im guessing you are on accutane, tanning on accutane is a no go but i would ring your doctor again if you are unsure

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no tanning for u. not worth the risk, u may experience severe side effects from it while on tane. + it may lead u to a worse problem than even what u have now. dont do it.

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dont worry, i tan in a solarium/tanning bed 3 x a week for 15 minutes i dont see any harm

and my face doesn't overly dry out peel or cause redness,

i moisturize before i go in

use a multivitamin tanning accelerator right before i go in

and moisturize once i get out.

but this could be because of my skin type, genetics or current tan

im a medium brown

blonde hair

hazel green eyes

australian .

hope this helps.

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