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Round Hard Lump

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I had a shave last night and when i did i noticed that i've got a lump under my skin on my neck, its just under the jawline, it doesn't hurt or anything but i'm quite annoyed as i thought i was 100% clear until i saw this, i wished i had left my facial hair alone now, does anyone have any tips to get it gone, its hard, no puss or head just a round hard lump and its a bit visible?.

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dont worry its your lymph nodes

well everyone has one under the jawline on each side.

and say you got an infection they are there to protect your body from sickness, so say you got in infection it will swell up and they sometimes take months to settle down my left one is swollen from a fungal infection i had in my mouth.

i really would not worry about it if the swelling is not down in a few months maby contact your doctor in case you got an infection what you need antibiotics for.

also do you have asthma? i got my infection because of a inhaler i was using so the doctor had to change it

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Is it red? tender to touch? warm?

Lymph nodes aren't usually visible, but it could be a swollen lymph node. It would only take a nick while shaving under the right circumstances to bring up a node. However, without being able to see where *exactly* it is located, it would be hard to state with certainty that it is a node.

I suggest you simply observe it for the next few days. If it get's better - great. If it gets worse, see a physician. Meanwhile, warm compresses might be helpful.

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