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Accutane and Caffine?

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I have 2 basic question about accutane.

I am currently on 40 but will have my dosage upped to 80 this week. But I forgot to ask the doctor how to take it. Should I take 80 all at once or break it up into 2 times a day?

Also, are there any negative sideffects of accutane and caffeine, green tea, or ginkgo bilboa? I need the energy boost.


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I drank 8 or more cups of coffee a day while on Accutane. No problems.

Usually with 80mg, a divided dose is prescribed. Once in the morning with some fats in your meal and once in the evening again with fats for better absorption. If you're in a hurry, a glass of milk should be fine, or a pop tart or something like that. Or a handful of nuts. At night, a nice salad with a dressing with olive oil in it (at least a tablespoon, measuring Tbsp I mean). One tablespoon of olive oil has 13.5 grams of fat. And it's mildly anti-inflammatory.

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Coffee would naturally break me out and sugar sometimes too found in soda's. So I don't have that in general. But I do have about 800-1000 mg's of the caffeine pills daily in total.

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