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NO Blood Test WTF!!!

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hey guys i finished my 1st month of tane 12 days ago at 40 mg/day and i called my derm today to see when i should get my blood test. she told me that i dont need a blood test until after the course is over. is this common? what should i do? ive read everywhere that people get blood tests after the 1st month. should i just go get one on my own to make sure everything is fine?

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You can always request one from a GP..I personally would want one done after a month.

Its YOUR body after all.

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You should tell your doctor that YOU KNOW they ARE VERY important while on this drug!! And ask her why she is being so negliegent. I had one every single month before, during and after completion. Your cholesterol could easily elevate while on this drug and its hard on the liver so liver panel should be done monthly. Take a print out from the net proving you've educated yourself and know labs are a must EVERY month.

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If you're female a pregnancy test is required every month, but it's not unheard of not to do a blood panel.


I'm 5'3"/124 and on 40 mg, and my derm didn't do one until I requested it either (I just finished month 2). I wasn't even really that worried since I'm a vegetarian and non-drinker, I just wanted a baseline. Your derm probably knows what she is doing- I'm not saying doctors are gods that should never be questioned, but they don't want a malpractice suit and if she didn't order the tests there is probably a reason. If you're concerned or want a baseline, you can always order one like I did.

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If you're a guy usually one before, one after a month and then another after a couple months etc. If things are ok after the first blood test or two and the dose is the same they usually don't test every single month but yes, surely you should have at least two during a 4 month course if you are a guy.

If you are a women or a girl, you need to have them monthly due to pregnancy risk etc.

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Guest AcneProne_1977

I find this interesting because I went in for bloodwork on Monday and my doc only did the liver bloodwork, not cholesterol... he said it's not necessary because I'm young and healthy (he knows I eat all bran every day too!!!).


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