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Started Accutane 1 week ago

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I've had Acne since 3rd grade of elementary school.

I started going to a dermatologist in 6th grade.

He gave me differin.

Then he gave me differin + antibiotic

Then Tazorac

Then Tazorac + antibiotic

Then I got lazy cause I never saw clear skin, and I was never able to follow a strict regimen at that age. Went to a few more appointments during next few years but never did Taz + antibiotics for at least 6 months straight

Fast Forward to 1 year ago. Go back to same dermatologist

Prescribes Taz .1% cream + Duac (5% bp 1% clindamycin) + minocyclin as solydyn

I do this regimen every night, wash face twice daily, stain countless shirts from carelessness, etc.

I did that up until last week when I just figured it wasn't going to work in the end. I'm in college in a different town now so I went to a new DR and he suggests accutane and I"m so ready for it. Here I am at the end of 1 year of topicals and antibiotics and 8 days of accutane:

My face, back, shoulders are the worst, sometimes I get small breakouts on my forearms and I've even gotten a few on my legs... it sucks





Anyways, I'm hoping this will solve my problem. Its been so hard for me all these years and taken such an emotional toll.

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