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********WARNING*************** I am ranting... i am gonna be very vulgar. i am probably gonna say stuff to offend people. if you get offended easy by cusisng and shit like that.. please leave this thread alone... but if you wanna hear one pissed off son of a bitch bitch about everything... then continue reading.

I used to post on here about a year ago... my piece of shit computer started fuckin up and then I just said fuck it and didn't get on the computer all like that anymore. But now I finally got a half decent DSL connection and I got shit going my way so I am here to read some posts and shit yay me lol.

Anyways.... it seems as if my face is getting somewhat better. I wash with cetaphil, wait 15 minutes.. put on pro active BP repairing lotion... wait 15 minutes.. and then put on neutrogena moisturizer. I only do that for my night time washing regimen. For the day one.. I just take a shower.. i dont wash my face or nothing other than the water that hits my face when i wash my hair and shit. but after the shower is over i wait 15-30 minutes to put on the moisturizer. it seems like acne is fading away from my body. i still get a few big ones here and there... but i think its done for the most part...... gawdd dammit if i curse myself by saying this now. part of the reason i think its gone is because i dont stress about my face anymore... i still have insecurities about my face.... 95% of insecurities are on my body.. and only 5% is focused on my face and hsit. when i look in the mirror... instead of thinking "ohh i hope my face isn't red or oily or whatever"... i think "damm i hope this shirt doesn't make me look skinny" and im obsessed with my body and becoming bigger than i am of my face. and i think that not having stress about acne really helped me out. i'm 6'0 170 pounds and i been trying like fuck without overtraining to get bigger. maybe also because i'm drinking muscle milk every day maybe that shit is knocking the acne cells out of my body who the fuuuuuuuuuck knows......

anyways....... ACNE bit me in the ass on a date i had about two weeks ago.... let me explain.......

First off.... any fine women up in the Wildwood, NJ area? I been up here living since June... but it sucks turkey ass now that the boardwalk and shit is shutting down.

Anyways... I meet this dumb bitch on the internet... shes a decent looking girl... but shes not the kind that would make a guy say "ohhh fuck is she hot i wanna drop everything i'm doing and go beat my wood right now" we talk on the phone and texts and shit for about 3 months and get to know each other. (please dont say.. "meeting on the internet aint good"... its not all that bad.. most girls i meet in real life got about 75 kids and the rest got boyfriends and shit)....... anyways... about a month before this date i had with her... i go up to her job and visit her at work.. we talk for about 30 minutes up there..... and after that she still texted me and called me and shit so i knew then that the remaining red marks and acne shit i had didn't scare her away from me. so then we make plans for a date..... day of the date comes... i dont have any acne on my face to make me paranoid.. i have a little pimple on the bottom right hand corner of my upper lip.. but it wasnt noticeable it just hurt like a bitch. so anyways... me and her are at the restraunt and shit...... everything is going nice... then out of no where before the food comes she starts saying shit to me. she says like its nothing she goes "I like the model cars on the walls... my brother collects those.. my boyfriend does sometimes too". Pause. YOUR BOYFRIEND??? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!???????? and even worse.. this dumb kunt says it like theres nothing wrong and like i wouldn't react. even though i didnt. i just said "oh i didn't know you had a boyfriend." she says "yeah... me and him have been off and on... he was my first love.. and its just too hard for me to move on without him." OHHH WELL BOOOO FUCKIN HOOOO!!!........ theres gonna be more harder things in life "than losing your first love" man shut the fuck up you vaginal bleeding tampon skuzz rat fuuuuck you fuuuuuuuuck you u dumb kunt lick motherfucker. so anyways i just agreed and i was a 'nice guy.' i'm a fuckin asshole for that. i should get dumb tattoed on one ass cheek, and ass on the other.. cause thats what i am... A FUCKING DUMB ASS!!!.... she told me this shit before the food came........ then to add injury to insult.. while im eating i wipe my mouth and i see blood on my napkin..... OHHH FUCKING GREAT!!... that pimple i had at the bottom corner of my upper lip had broke.... so after that i kept grinding my lips together and wiping my mouth every minute. i didn't give a shit then. i just wanted to get the fuck out of there. i was eating fast. i was eating the mash potatoes with my hands and suckin the pepsi out of the cup and burping because i didn't really give a shit anymore since "she couldn't get rid of her first love" fuckin kunt. so then i am still being nice to her though and say "do u think he cared if u go out with me".. she goes "he knows i have male friends.. but i hope he didn't follow us out here"........ LMAO... let him follow us out here i'll kick the shit out of him. if he's bigger than me so what. i've done my share of that mixed martial arts shit so i'm pretty tough. and if worse comes to worse... i dont carry an aluminum bat in the backseat of my car because i drive around looking for random baseball games i could join in thats for dam sure. SHE HOPES HE DIDN"T FOLLOW US HERE what the piss is that. i wish the motherfucker did. thats some fuckin dirty shit there to wait until your at a restraunt with a guy and tell him you have a boyfriend. if i was smart... i should have just said in a nice tone... "hey sweetie... i'll be right back i'm gonna go outside real quick and make sure my doors are locked and that my windows are closed because i heard it was supposed to rain"... and then when i get to my car just leave the dumb bitch stranded. all she knew was my first name (Mike).. and that i drove a silver honda accord. but i'm 'too nice' for that. what a dumb motherfucker i am. and ever since that day... i deleted all her shit out of my phone from missed calls dialed calls received calls inbox, outbox and all that shit.. and out of my contacts. so i have no clue of her phone number... only her myspace page.

i'm sorry if you got offended... but it im just very angry and had to rant.. please forgive me.... thanks... and seriously.. if any of you have questions on anything..acne... dating... sports... life... just ask me here.... i'm here to help out.

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LMAO @ "you vaginal bleeding tampon skuzz rat". I'm SO gonna have to use that.

Hahaha... this reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George takes out some waitress on a date. Then while they're on a date, she looks at George's watch, and says "Oh, my boyfriend has a watch just like that!" Lmao. And of coure George gets all pissed off, and yea...

Anyways, this whole her having a boyfriend situation could be a blessing in disguise. Think about it. She has some boyfriend (probably an ex-boyfriend but she's too fucking dumb and attached to him to accept the fact that they are no longer together) , that she's been ON AND OFF with. So chances are, their relationship is in the shit hole. He's probably out fucking around with some other broads and so she's whoring herself on myspace desperate for attention and/or to get to get back at him. It's the whole "we should take a break/I need my space" part of the post-relationship. So this chick is probably vulnerable, emotional, and craving for some cock to make her feel wanted and beautiful again, because her "boyfriend" no longer cares. So with that being said, be smart and play your cards right, she'll fall right underneath your cock. Get my drift?

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.. if any of you have questions on anything..acne... dating... sports... life... just ask me here.... i'm here to help out.

Orly? :shifty:

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