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Day 28 -

Last night i had a large swelling on my jawline, not painful, just swollen..the type of spot that i hate with a passion, never come to a head..always look red..take months to fully go away, today its looking a little less swollen, hopefully accutane will speed up the recovery as i was doing so well. that was coupled with a small spot just above my left eyebrow

not a great day today, but its day 28 i heard the first month is messy, so i shouldnt be suprised..but still good point still my lips are fine, roll on tomorrow

Im reading it, and I start tommorow on 80mg hopefully i'm as lucky as you when it comes to side effects and such. Keep it up man. PS im pretty nervous
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Day 29 -

the spot above my eyebrow grew a little, the swelling on my jawline has gone down.. looks like it just moved to my eyebrow :confused: think i'm beginning to see evidence of clogged pores, and alot of them, starting to worry about this no dry skin, no dry lips thing...its like nothing is happening. planning a trip on the 24th for 2 weeks, so i just hope my skin behaves by then

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Day 30 -

Today the spot above my eyebrow looks to be going down a little, i may ice it and the one on my jawline, i have pinkness from the breakout in the early days below my jawline. i'm trying a tea tree gel after shaving at night to see if i can speed up the healing of it, my left cheek is has a few pink marks too. skin all in all feels a little crappy

i peeled off a little rough skin on my chin when i woke up today, kind of left a small raw area, i'm hoping that will go away quickly

i'm thinking of buying a new shaver on monday, anyone had any experiences with this.

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Day 31 -

Day 31 already wow, the first week went by SOOOOOOO slowly i remember, due to me looking at that breakout i was having every 5 minutes.. but ever since its flying by. i just hope my skin looks good for the 24th.

Skin wise ok i suppose, i'm still getting the odd spot but not everyday. i am getting dry eyes or maybe its the weather thats making them worse, either way i'm going to invest in some eyedrops tomorrow when i go shopping. Spot above eyebrow starting to go away still quite noticable and sore, one on right jawline again quite red, i do have one on my lieft jaw too but not really as bad or as swollen. A few pink marks here, and me being quite pale anyway doesnt help things

Pink around the mouth and upperlip the shaving area from time to time, not sure how to deal with it and makes my complexion a million times worse.

Blackheads are very much vanished on my nose which i think is starting to flake a little but those drop off in the shower each morning.

Lips still fine, what you people complain about i have no idea :surprised: I have had a little blood in my nose once or twice since starting, but it doesnt really bleed theres just traces of blood

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I'm starting my 4th month and I'm currently on 60mg.

My eyes got really really dry so much that my vision would get blurry and my eyes were always bloodshot.

My optician recommended Hypromellose eye drops 0.3%, these are really good at keeping your eyes hydrated through the day. You can get them in Boots you just need to ask at the pharmacy counter for them. Bargain £1.70!

She also recommended an eye gel called Lacri-lube. It is as gross as it sounds and you put it in at night because it coats your eye and creates a film so everythings is blurred.

You can use both but if you're getting on ok with just the drops I'd avoid the gel.

Hope this helps


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after reading about lacri lube it sounds like good stuff, when i have a 14 hour plane trip coming up, i think it would be perfect, any idea where to get that or is it another Boots pharmacy item?

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Day 32 -

Skin looking remarkably good before shower, i really dont know why but long may it continue. eyebrow spot tiny compared what it was yesterday, swelling on right jawline much much less too, i think the really hot shower really purged some red marks weird but cool


quick note, my eyes do begin to feel tired earlier in the day than normal.. i think those eyedrops are a must now, so i'll stock up

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Day 33 -

Skin nice this morning, no new spots, one on eyebrow is a small redmark, one on jaw is smaller and since i've had worse i can deal with it. Eyes however, this must be my side effect, get very red very fast, and very dry..

The whole dry lip thing still non existant, skin generally smooth, nose sometimes has a flake or two but drop off in the shower. i have found a cool shower in the morning, and a really hot shower at night is working well for me.. i'm very pink after the night shower but it really seems to help the redmarks, as when i wake up in the morning my skin looks pretty good

Just over 18 days till my 2 week trip :dance: you better stay looking decent skin!!!!

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Day 34 -

No new spots today, eyes really beginning to bother me.. very pink around the upper and lower edges, and since they are so dry its making me look tired.. and being very pale anyway makes dark circles appear under my eyes... i traded spots for horrid eyes so far, even when i wore contact lenses it wasnt this bad. i suppose the answer is eyedrops every 30 mins..ugh not fun

Lips fine, skin passable. through my standards may be going up and every small mark bothers me, so i guess in reality its quite good. IF ONLY I COULD SEE OUT OF THESE DRY EYES TO APPRICIATE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE ARRGHHHHHH

Think i hit 2000mg ish accutane by now, not sure

Anyway time to lube up my eyeballs and get a coffee, GOOD DAY PEOPLE!

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Nice to hear that your skin is calm still. But why don't you drop by the pharmacy and buy yourself some eye drops? Will help to ease the redness of the eye whites. Or you can go to a cosmetical shop and buy a product called Clear Eyes. Works like a charm, imo.

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Day 35 -

Woke up today after 4-5 hours sleep felt reallllllyy groggy, and morning face didnt really help my looking in the mirror to look at my skin :surprised: but a shower, coffee and eyedrops, everything started to look ok. i did get a small spot on my chin in the night, but its so small i'm not even going to inspect it for popping purposes.

Pink marks on my left cheek bit annoying, if it was the same on the other cheek i wouldnt mind, would just make me look rosey heh, but no just 1 cheek so i look like i've been slapped in the wrong light, oh well not like i can do anything by looking in the mirror 50 times a day, i know that certainly doesnt make things fade :redface:

As long as i keep on top of these dry eyes i should be ok most days as long as the spots stay few and far between

Pretty much another ok day!

Nice to hear that your skin is calm still. But why don't you drop by the pharmacy and buy yourself some eye drops? Will help to ease the redness of the eye whites. Or you can go to a cosmetical shop and buy a product called Clear Eyes. Works like a charm, imo.
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Day 36 -

Today was another fine day, i dont know what i did but barely any redness about my face today..eyes have been behaving. and lips well i dont even know why i look for signs of dryness it just isnt happening :surprised:

no new spots on face, i notice my hair is alot less greasy in the morning now and holds styling products better and longer, which i LOVE!!!

now for the rest of me, chest and back, well chest is ok, nothing new just redmarks. Since the start of treatment yes i've had one or 2 big spots on my back, but they can be covered so i'm not fussed.

And finally *ahem* when grooming the hair in a not so easily shaved place a couple of days ago, WOW did i cause some irritation. thank the person that discovered aloe vera gel because OUUUUUUCCCHHHHH!! rawness :redface: i know now to be more gentle hehe

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Day 37 -

Skin ok today, no new spots but i am starting to notice blackheads appearing again on my nose dont know what thats all about.

I've taken to shaving at night then applying sudocrem to my face before bed, when i wake up a quick rince of the face, the redness and irritation is non existant/manageable. I may invest in some avene anti redness moisteriser from boots to see if i can improve things.

Eyes still dry and tollerable for now. on a scale of 1 to 10 i rate today a 7.

This time in 2 weeks i will be in Florida, a mere 4000+ miles from where i'm typing this right now...EXCITED!!

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Day 38 -

Skin pretty much the same as yesterday, nothing crazy to report really..not been drinking enough water over the last few days hope it doesnt come back to haunt me. Skin feels pretty clean actually.

I did wake up with a dry mouth today, from the lack of water i would imagine i wont blame accutane for that. But good stuff, lets see what tomorrow brings. :think:

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Day 39 -

Small spot today just at corner of mouth, i think it came about from me shaving.. i see things like this on alot of people so i'm not too bothered by it.. eyes feel pretty good today.

I can say without doubt that accutane is worth the IB and any side effect that comes with it..why i didnt do this sooner i dont know, so if you are reading this and are unsure/scared of side effects just do it. you'll do more damage to yourself picking, squeezing and rubbing chemicals in your skin than this ever could.

And almost 40 days in....time flies

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Day 40 - :dance:

Gave myself a little red mark after squeezing a clogged pore last night, oh well.. other than that skin is the same again, blackheads are really appearing on my nose again and i dont really want to mess with them since the skin is so thin right now and i'll just give myself red marks

Main problem still dry eyes, lacri-lube is wonderful stuff, i wake up and my eyes arent irritated...only 11 days left to my trip i hope this continues until then and beyond.

New razor is pretty good, electric shaver used in the shower really cuts out the irritation for me cant wish for much more.

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Day 41 -

Skin looks pretty good today, however i cant seem to shake sleep face this morning..fun huh

Face has one or 2 marks i think, eyes still the main problem point and not the skin weird.. my back is pretty much the same as it was when i started, and its been like that for years anyway so i can deal with it.

Curse you sleep face....

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Day 42 -

All is well in skin world, i leave in a mere 9 days, hope this keeps up...not a great deal to report on apart from a bloody nose again and eyes still the main issue.

Must be around 2500mg of drug floating around in my body weee

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Day 43 -

Skin looks so crappy and lifeless today no spots just all the blotchy redness is around my mouth area, eyes pink.. and i did get a new side effect today.. it seems with my going in and out of my pockets for my eyedrops and the skin being so thin and sensitive right now i have a burning rawness to the back of my hands...i put a nivea nourishing cream on my hands but that stings like you would not believe, signs are that my skin is really feeling the effects now so not too happy about that really.

I made an appointment with my GP as i found out that hypromellose eyedrops are good but for short term relief, i was told there is a prescription eyedrops for accutane as eye dryness is such a common side effect that lasts longer than hypromellose and with a very long flight coming up i will get a hold of them and give them a go.

Today is all in all a bit of a horrid one, had a haircut and neck is red from the clippers, and 2 bloody noses already..had to fast for the blood work from last night so i felt weak when i got there, after it was taken i went to eat and felt quite sick to the stomach quickly. I still feel pretty drained since this morning.

And on a final note with all the eye irritation i'm starting to get very dark circles around my eyes which just make me look ill. Sigh.....will i ever be normal i'm pretty bummed out today, when i was trying on some new clothes all i could see in the mirror was my eyes and skin of my face looking so awful rather than the clothes.

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Sad to hear that things ain't going so well... All you can do is try to stay positive, accutane will help eventually:) I'm experiencing a bad IB now, and I'm on day 10 of my roaccutan course, so I feel like crap.. But things will be better in the end!

Just keep up, and I'm sure your skin will look great in a little while!

Take care!=)

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Day 44 -

Slept for a ridiculous amount of time, 12 hours last night.... skin looked ok when i got up. was given Povidone (Oculotect) eyedrops and something called Viscotears by the GP. i'll see what those do when i use them. rash on hand looks to be fading. i'll see what the rest of today brings. :whistle:

:edit: yep today skin help up pretty well, pity i didnt have to be anywhere so the only thing that got to appricate it was the mirror boooooo

I tried viscotears today, more of a gel than an eye drop for day use, its pretty good and seems cooling when i put it in.

This time next week i will be over 4k miles from this chair. weee and i dont think a pc will be available, so what i'll do for updates for the 12 days after then i dont know :D

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Day 45 -

Feeling alright today, my days of a new spot each morning are really gone and i hope for good. Skin not dry, lips ok, eyes troublesome but bareable.

I'm concentrated more on my trip than my skin, now thats weird to say, it was normally skin first everything else later.

Not knowing how my eyes will hold out for the plane trip means i'm overpreparing and filling up my inflight bag. Good day good day long may i have more.

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Day 46 -

Now how do you actually give an update when nothing much is really changing..skin is the same as yesterday as is everything else.

MMM well i'm going through my things for my trip... so many toiletries its crazy, i now realise how much of an obsession this really is. but for good cause.

sorting what needs to be washed and prepared before i go has taken a new turn now i notice its 27 celsius (or 80 fahrenheit to you americans) where i'm headed, thats like middle of summer weather in the UK in November...maybe i'll get a special November tan to show off which everyone will see as fake and i've been sunbedding. ohh the fun

when i'm going to take the pills on the day of the trip is a confusing one for me, normally i take them at 6pm UK time, but with all the travelling all my food and time scales will be out of sync a little. and no proper food available till i get there. i guess i'll have to suffer the horrible fast food or something midday and take them.

and hey i did pretty well on this typing thing when theres not much change in my skin :surprised:

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Day 47 -

Skin same again, a bloody nose today nothing major. Avene anti redness moisturizer seems pretty nice. it does have an aroma about it, even though it says on it, no perfume.. strange.

Hair is no longer greasy in the mornings, a thing i like alot, may have mentioned it before i dont remember :D

Electric shaver that i got for use in the shower is one of the best things i've switched to

Anyway, Good day again..

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Day 48 -

Skin is fine, last night i had 2 red spots appear on my cheek, but i resisted and didnt touch them or prod/poke them, and this morning they arent much to look at, hardly visible.

Something i've come to notice is that food is not sitting well with me, doesnt matter what i eat or when, its that uncomfortable feeling you get after eating too much at christmas. It does pass and i dont know whether its accutanes doing or not..but i'll survive

my flight is at 9am on Saturday, which means i have to get up at 4am to get there and checkin on time....then at 9 i embark on an 8 hour flight to Newark, so after 8 hours of flying it will be 12 noon where i am....geez, then a 90 minute stop over and a further 3 hour flight to get there where i'm going. So if i go by UK time only i will be up at 4am, and landing at around 9pm...i am so going to feel this. thats alotta hours of flying, my brain hurts :think:

Blah but anyway back to the whole accutane thing, main points since starting and what i've done to cope

  • Huge breakout in the first 2 weeks (be gentle, wait, go about everything as normal)
  • Facial pinkness in shaving area (switched to an electric razor i can use in the shower and apply Avene anti-redness moisturiser in the mornings)
  • Bloody noses (they last such a short time, its just clean up after they are done)
  • Dry Eyes (find the right eyedrops that really work for you, Viscotears i've found to be wonderful)
  • Flakey skin at the beginning (hot shower to soak in, and gentle rubbing of the face to get rid of the skin worked wonders)
  • Food not sitting well ??? dont know about this one (cope??)
Whether i do, or dont get any more side effects i would consider these pretty minimal compared to the fuss i had over the spots on my face. i might take to applying vaseline on my lips anyway even though they dont show the first sign of dryness, winter is starting to kick in and obviously i'll be more sensitive.. prevention better than cure.

And people obsessing over side effects on whether to start this or not, i wouldnt worry about them too much. the fear of them is worse than actually coping with them. And to those that want to suck down fat to get better absorbing of the drug..flaxseed oil capsules with your meal and go about eating what you would normally.

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