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Little whiteheads won't go away? + more questions

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Hi, Ive been battling acne for over a year now. I'm 19, and my initial acne started when i went to college last year. I was on the BP regimen, but that made my face more red so i stopped after about 6 months. I've been on several medications, including, monocyclin, doxycyclin, sulfameth, differin, BP 2.5%, orecea, clindamycin, and more. I have VERY red cheeks, all the time :(

I have been on orecea 2X a day for the past 6 months, but recently stopped because it hasn't helped any. I also tried the ACV treatment for 3weeks-1 month and saw no improvement...

In the past 2 weeks i have been changed my regimen and it seems to be working!

-drinking as much water as possible all the time.

-"minor" surgeries when necessary. (sterile needle/alcohol pad) to pop (ready) pimples, and tweezers to pull out ingrown hairs (often lead to whiteheads)...

-Washing w/ a washcloth and cetaphil cleanser 2X daily

Ever since i can remember, i've always have had these whiteheads under my skin that generally lead to pimples in that area. Then they regenerate!! Mostly visible when i stretch my skin, but they must be gone for me to have clear skin. Over the past few weeks ive been having less break outs, but these whiteheads are always red under my skin...

Ive struggled through so much depression between the redness/pimples, i have turned into a really CLEAN freak when it comes to my face. Change pillow cases every week, wash face 2X daily, never rest hand/arm on face etc.

Overall i feel that my face is getting better, although these little whiteheads never seem to go away :(. Is this milia? kerotosis pilarus? rosacea?

Here are some pictures from tonight...




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That really looks like rosacea to me.

You might want to see a doctor to get an official diagnosis, though.

There's also a rosacea forum you can go to to talk to other people about the condition.

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Hmm, my chin looks sorta like that too - I have the little skin colored bumps, and some pimples. Never thought much of it, though.

The spots on your chin are barely noticeable, anyway.

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