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mui mui

Ortho evra patch

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Anyone use the patch, are you having any benfits with your skin? My doc prescribed this for me but I'm a little worried as I've been reading a couple articles online about having a higher cloting problem.

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Yep im on it!

It's the only one that worked with me and my stomach! (pills made my nauseous)

i noticed a bit of change, but noticed more change when i added spiro.

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I was just recently prescribed spiro and my derm changed my BC to Yaz. I was on the patch for many years prior to this. Have you found that staying on the patch and using spiro has been okay? I'd much prefer to stay on the patch but I didn't think that was maybe such a hot idea since my derm suggested the different BC.

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It doesn't matter what type of BC you take, just something so that your menstrual cycle can be regulated. I've been on the patch about 9 months, i just worry cause youre not supposed to be on it for too long (breast cancer and all that). How long have you been on it? Personally i can't take any of the BC pills because they upset my stomach, so patch is the only thing with hardly any side effects for me.

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I was on Ortho Evra for a couple of years with no problems. I had the same problems with pills. So far the Yaz has only made me sick the first two days. So, fingers crossed that I'll continue to do well!

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I just find that a little strange. I was also on Ortho Evra before spironolactone, and my derm left me on it. I think it's hard to change a lot of things at once, because if you break out (or get clear) it could be from the yaz and not the spiro, but it's hard to tell since you started both at the same time.

I'm personally just worried about being on the patch sometimes since my naturopath wants me to get off it and get an iud, i think that's what it's called.

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I haven't heard great things about the patch. There is actually a commercial in my area about large amounts of blood clot related deaths and a number you can call to file in the class action law suit. My sister used it for under a day and vomited the entire day. She also got a giant welt where the patch touched her.

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I've been on the Patch for 9 years and I love it! I've tried just about everything.... Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Nuva Ring, and Depo but the Ortho Evra worked the best of me.

Here's what to know about the patch:

Its basically a high dosage of progestin (same drug in Orthro Tri-Cyclen that supresses ovulation) and estrogen. Because its so high there are increased risks of blood clots but mostly in smokers and women over 35. They also don't recommend it if you are overweight as it could not work as fat makes it more difficult for the drug penetrate. Some people are sensitive to high doses of estrogen and for that there are low dosage pills and the ring. So if you are in any of these then I don't recommend it.

Most people I know don't like it because it does temporarily irritate the skin which will happen when you wear a sticker for a week which is why you are to alternate areas every week. The second complaint is the sticker plainly being unsexy.... on the contrary my bf likes it as it helps to relieve his anxiety physically seeing I'm on it. Other pros... you only have to change it once a week where as the pill you have to take at the same time everyday which I could not do and the high estrogen makes your boobs grow a cup or two (I went from a 32D to a 32DD). To answer your question about acne it does help.. although after using for several years my body has because use to it and my acne returned a couple years ago.

Now you know why I like it here are reasons I don't like the other choices:

Orthro Tri-Cyclen: Again, you have to take everyday at the same time, if you skip a day you are at risk of pregnancy

Nuva Ring: Great.. you change monthly and can leave it in or out during intercourse... but the major downside I found I had to adjust it in the bathroom far to many times throughout the day because... I'm too small!

Depo: It makes you crazy, potentially cause you to gain up to 30 lbs, well... who likes getting shots?! I had such bad anxiety on this I didn't want my bf to even touch me! When I explained this to my doc she said... "That's why its such a good contraceptive! It makes you not want to have sex!"

IUD: If I knew about this when I was younger I would have probably gotten it but since I could start a family any time now it seems too evasive. For those who don't know its a device that is inserted in your uterus and you have to get it removed to bare children... that I don't even want to know how its done!

Hope that was helpful in your decision!

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