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I have Very Sensitive, but sometimes Oily Skin

Alright, every morning when I wake up, I have 1-2 new pimples (w/ whiteheads). My current regimen is as follows:

-Shave (electric razor) with Aloe Shaving Cream

-Rinse off cream and use the Baby Brush

-Get in shower and wash with Cetaphil Normal to Oily Skin Cleanser

-Then just pat dry and I'm done (my skin is dry,flakey)

My main concern is that I'm starting to break out around my upper neck. I think they're shaving bumps because its mostly bumps under my skin.

Anyone know why I'm still getting 1-2 new pimples every morning? Do I need a moisturizer?

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Yea, just whenever I shave around the jawline it feels like im cutting off pimples with my razor and kinda hurts. then bumps form n stuff.

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you're not using BP or any other treatment?

how long have you been using the type of shaving cream you use? it may have something in it thats making you breakout. i wish i could recommend a good product, but i'm a girl :) there might be something on the site here about it. seeing as dan is a dude.

a moisturizer couldn't hurt i don't suppose. does your skin feel dry after washing? don't let the fact that your skin is sometimes oily fool you into thinking that you don't need a moisturizer or that a moisturizer would make you more oily.

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No i dont use BP because of people saying that it ruins there skin or whatever. I use Barbasol with Soothing Aloe shaving cream and its the only shaving cream ive used. And my skin doesnt FEEL dry but it looks flakey.

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shaving with an electric razor doesn't renew the hair follicle process - it just tugs off some of the hair that is raised from your skin...

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