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what is the dumbest thing youve ever done to try and treat your acne?

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I had a massive breakout on the left side of my face, squeezed all the pimples which had left scabs. I wanted the scabs to fall over as quickly as possible so i put dettol on basically the whole left side of my face. It burned like hell (thought that meant it was doing it's job) and I ended up with the whole left side of my face being a giant scab.

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I think the worst thing i did to my face was not wash it and touch it with dirty hand for a week straight so i could get prescribed Bactrum :ninja:

Either tried to pop a zit with no visible head right on my cheekbone under my eye. Didn't stop when nothing came out and ended up giving myself a black eye.

Had my cat lick my face because I thought the cat's sandpaper-y tongue would help "exfoilate" my skin. My cat eats dead birds and rodents frequently.

That's freakin hilarous!! My thoughtful, loving brother asked me one day if I thought a dog's tongue could help blemishes because they are known to have healing properties in them, I said no quickly but then let my dog lick my face that night... (embarrasing) and btw DOES NOT WORK!

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This isn't so much dumb in the sense of ridiculous, but it shows how little I understood the diet-acne connection back then. I started drinking milk every day, thinking it would be good for my skin. I hate milk. I mean, I really hate milk, I think it tastes foul. And now I know that it breaks me out. So, I was drinking stuff I hate and making my skin look worse in the process, under the mistaken belief that it would somehow help.

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