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Cystic/Nodular Arm Acne?

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Face Current

Old Pic (Back same, arms worse)

Hey, I'm 18 years old and I've had acne since back when I was in middle school. When in middle school, it was mild-moderate for the face, and mild for the back. At the end of the middle school, the face got moderate, the back stayed the same. At around 16 years of age, the acne on the face completely disappeared because I started growing facial hair, the back acne stayed the same. Now when I'm 18, the face is still clear, and the back acne has gone away almost completely, I never got a single spot on my chest. But the one thing that has really been annoying me i this lingering upper arm/shoulder acne. It's odd because whatever I do to it, and whatever I treat it with, it's so damn stubbon that it practically refuses to ever leave, even for a moment. There are about 2 cysts on each upper arm (not enormous or anything) and a few pimples here and there. Mind you, I have very light skin and I am prone to redness and scarring very easily it seems. I don't play any sports because I would prefer to be doing other things such as reading. So I know it can't possibly be because of irration or tight clothing because I don't use a backpack or anything that rubs against my skin a lot.

During the summer when I decided to really crack down on it and try to get rid of the whole problem once and for all, I made quite a few lifestyle changes. The first thing I did was analyze what I eat all of the time, I concluded that it was mainly chocolate milk, tons of sandwhiches which sugary white bread that was pumped full of carbohydrates.. barely any water and an excess of soda and energy drinks, also tons of fast-food such as McDonalds. I changed it all the way around and avoided all of the things I had been eating, I started drinking mass quantites of water and eating a lot of fruit. This seemed to make a difference, but ti wasn't really that noticable as far as I was concerned.

Acne treatments were what I was really needing, so I bought the strongest over-the-counter stuff I could get my hands on, and that was both the Panoxyl 10% bar and spot treatment. Every day I would take a cool shower and wash with the bar soap, I would sometimes let it soak in and what not... until I got a really bad under-arm rash which turned out to hurt like hell and shed dead skin until it later disappeared. After the shower I would put on huge globs of this spot treatment, which kind of seemed like a good idea at the time, which I later found out differently. After a month or so of doing this, I was tired of taking the damn showers like a mad man, and I cut it down to somewhere like a few times a week. So during the few "off-days" of not showering I would be packing on this spot treatment on top of old spot treatment without washing it off. Essentially the treatment was hovering over my skin probably not even doing anything (correct me if I'm wrong about this). I hadn't of washed for a week (lazy/tired, various other reasons) and when I finally did this damn spot treatment was so caked on there because of the accumulations throughtout the week it was a big pain in the ass to get off. Turns out the acne semed like it had gotten worse, I was pretty bummed about it.

After the shower I talked to my dad and he ends up getting a dermatoligst appointment for me when I will be going to sometime before the end of the month. This morning I decided that I should probably be showering once a day like I had been, just to wash the spot treatment off and start over treating it again. I did that this morning with a rather hot shower (which felt very good by the way)... I had heard from quite a few reliable sources that taking a hot shower is rather good for you because it opens the poors and what not. I get out, treat it... and I feel much better. It feels like this is what I should be doing.

So when I go to see the dermatologist is there anything I should be looking out for in particular, any sort of certain medicines or antibiotics. I know that it's not so serious that I would have to resort to something like accutane, because my parents sure as hell would never let me touch that stuff, especially my mom. Due to some of the horror stories they have heard about it (people committing suicide, etc).


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