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Axl Rosenberg

What do yall think bout this?

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I found this article on Vitamin A and accutane, from www.mercola.com, he's a pretty reputable doc.Ive never taken accutane cuz my doc wouldnt give it to me, he gave me benzaclin and differin which are working good though.Anyway what do yall think about the article ..any potential truth to what he's says??

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Aside from being one of the most dangerous drugs ever developed for pregnancy (this drug is guaranteed to produce fetal damage) we now have confirmation that it is also clearly associated with depression.This is sad as acne is generally not that difficult to control for most patients.

Unfortuantely, most dermatologists don't have a clue about the importance that diet plays in this illness. If one does not achieve the desired results with the dietary guidelines I printed in newsletter #35 one can use high does of non-synthetic vitamin A to achieve very similar results as Acutane with virtually none of the side effects.

It is important to NOT use oral antibiotics as this will inevitably lead to more complications than it solves. It is also necessary to have a high quality vitamin A though as that will limit its potential toxicity.

I have found one of the safest forms of Vitamin A to be made by a company out of Texas called Biotics. High doses of synthetic vitamin A will likely lead to complications.

One can use doses as high as 300,000 units per day for short periods as long is one is careful to discontinue the vitamin if any unusual symptoms develop such as headaches or nausea which are the most troublesome.

This dose is generally only needed for a few weeks and can be decreased to 100,000 units for 1-3 months and then be discontinued. Newer studies suggest this dosing will probably not cause pregnancy complications but one should avoid getting pregnant while on the vitamin A and not take it if pregnant

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Any reputable doctor would not advise for mass quantities of people to take potentially harmful vitamins on a website. Accutane is made from vitamin A. He's basically promoting taking random amounts of Accutane's main ingredient instead of researched and controlled doses of accutane. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin and excesses can SEVERELY damage your liver. Because fat soluble vitamins get stored in your fat, you have to be careful with the amount that you take, which is why people on accutane must have their blood tested monthly.

In regards to Accutane causing depression - I was on accutane about 7 years ago, before the media linked teenage suicides to Accutane. I had no problems with depression. Accutane is a very serious drug, but you are monitored while you are on it. Any changes in mood should be discussed with your doctor. Having acne itself is enough to cause depression, and for many people, acne IS very difficult to control.

As for "Aside from being one of the most dangerous drugs ever developed for pregnancy (this drug is guaranteed to produce fetal damage)" - you can't take Accutane if you are even considering getting pregnant in the near future. Females should use 2 forms of birth-control while on it. Responsible patients would have minimal worries about conception if they conscientiously use 2 forms of birth-control.

This doctor does not sound particularly responsible or reputable. No reputable doctor recommends blanket solutions for highly individualized afflictions, such as acne. You're better off going to a dermotologist in your city.

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