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Clindamycin and Erythromycin Together

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So I'm using Ziana gel (Clindamycin/Tretinoin) and I've only recently started using it on an every night basis (going on 3 weeks). I've had the prescription for a while and was just too lazy to use it regularly, but while I was using it very sparingly, perhaps once a week, I was on oral erythromycin also.

The Ziana drug facts say not to use it in conjunction with erythromycin because in vitro studies have determined that there is antagonism between them. I can't find any elaborations on this anywhere and haven't noticed other clindamycin products telling you not to use it with erythromycin.

My derm did some digging after I saw this and said he didn't find anything that would indicate that topical clindamycin/oral erythromycin would be harmful. However, I got scared and didn't want to go back to the erythromycin when I started the Ziana every night. He prescribed me Mino (severe headaches and went off) about 6 weeks ago and then Doxy when I didn't want to go back to erythromycin. I've taken Doxy once before and threw it up several times, and I also don't like the don't drink, don't tan aspect of it.

Point is that erythromycin has been the only antibiotic I've taken without side effects and I would love to have it to help control the IB from the tretinoin. I just don't know if it's safe. Anybody?

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Well I would say using them together involves very minimal risk, and if you derm couldn't find anything then I would just go ahead and take it. The topical antibiotic stays local to the skin and only enters the bloodstream in negligible amounts, if at all. So the chances of them interacting would seem slim, I would think. I also have never heard of a contraindication with these two drugs.

Ok I just looked it up in my pill book. The only drug interactions listed for clindamycin are:




I also checked Erythromycin and clindamycin is not in the list there either.

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