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Saturday - Day 46 - 80 mg

Last night I felt so freakin parched. My nose was stuffy and I just felt really dehydrated so I drank a big glass of water and that made me feel a lot better. I went to work this morning and around 11 I had my first nose bleed. I was hoping I would get through this without one, but I know I'm prone to those anyway. I have an eczema-like rash going pretty much up and down my arms... it is a little itchy, but not too bad... it just looks kinda nasty - thank goodness it's cold so long sleeves cover it up. I am taking 80mg again today to make up for the day I didn't take it so I can maybe get back on track. I currently have no new pimples! *knocking on wood again* I took zinc again today at lunch and I am a firm believer in that stuff!!! it works in about a day as far as making skin look better and healing things. I've been tired today so at some point I plan on a nap. I went and worked out after work, but I didn't have much energy - so much for my plan to work out every day :( my muscles and bones are just too tired so I just try to eat better.

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Sunday-Tuesday Days 47-49 *Week 7*

Sunday was an 80mg day and so was Monday. Today I only took one pill and I'll get back on my every other day schedule. I have been taking my zinc still and I have no new pimples - I honestly think that is the key to not breaking out while on this stuff. Ever since I started taking sotret my nails and hair have been looking better than ever and my hair is actually staying in my head and feels thicker and shinier and not falling out as much as it always has. Hair and nails also grow faster for me now. I can feel blackheads on my nose popping out and I hate it, but at least my skin isn't oily at all. The only place on my face that is even close to being a little dry is on my chin and it's not even noticeable.

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Day 50 - Day 58

So I'm past my 8 weeks and will be going soon to get my blood drawn again. I started spotting last night and it freaked me out so I ran to the closest drug store to get a pregnancy test (I would want to know before my doctor told me) but I'm fine and I'm sure it just has something to do with my birth control. I noticed yesterday that my nose seem to really be pushing out the blackheads and my chin was dry and today my nose was dry and my chin and forehead were a little dry as well, but it's not bad at all. Lips are still really chapped, but they seem to be getting a little better - or maybe I'm just getting used to them being like this. This red eczema-like rash isn't all that pretty on my arms and hands, but the scars on my back are fading so I'm excited about that. I had these little hard places that were like dried up clogged pores or something so you know I had to get whatever was left in those out so I had like 4 little scabs on my face at one point - not very pretty, but I only have one left now right below my right eye that is in the process of healing. I'm LOVING how smooth my skin feels though. My back and chest feel like baby skin. This is going to be really worth it when summer comes. I still can't get over how easily my skin gets cut though. I was playing with my son and he is 2 so he likes to hit and scratch and he barely scratched my face and it broke the skin a little. I also work at a bank and when I take out the safe deposit boxes I have to be very careful not to touch any of the sharp corners because they really cut up my fingers - not to mention the paper cuts from dirty money! yuck! germX is my best friend at work (which doesn't help the dry hands at all) My back still hurts every once in a while, but it doesn't seem to be as bad as it was... I just can't bend over to shave my legs for long because when I stand up I feel like a 90 year old woman. I'm still pretty damn tired when I get home from work and I definitely can't stay awake during any movies anymore. I have no energy for going to the gym so SO MUCH for my great getting in shape idea. However, I do plan on getting on a really good diet and working out when I am off of this stuff and hopefully back to my old self. I want to feel great in a bikini more than anything. On another note, I am on vacation from tomorrow until next Tuesday and Monday is my birthday- I'll be 21!!!! finally. I guess that's all for me to update.

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