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A good foundaton?

Well I'm sure this has been done many a time but I'm new so bear with me.. Has anyone got recommendations as to a good foundations which will give lasting coverage and not block pores or is this asking too much?! Seem to be one or the other...

I was using one with retinol A which promotes cell turnover recommended for my aging skin (I'm 36) and I liked it, it gave a smooth satiny feel when I'd applied it and looked good BUT I did seem to be getting more spots. Can't be sure its down to this, could be stress, time of year, or just one of those things but it doesn't say on it that its non comodegenic and it does have oil.... so ... I stopped using it a couple of weeks ago.

I've tried oil free products that seem to "curdle" on my skin by the end of the day which looks weird!!!

I've had ones that seem to disappear an hour after application - thats a no no for me

so... any suggestions or could you point me to a thread on this. Sure this topic will have been done

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you're right, this topic has kind of been overdone. sorry, but true. to answer your question though, most people around here dig mineral make-up, preferably everyday minerals. other than that, really it depends on what kind of skin you have, what kind of formula you like, and what kind of coverage you want. most here want full coverage, so besides minerals, i think revlon colorstay is another favorite here..... hope this helps a little, but it really all comes down to what your preference is.

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