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angry in the morning

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my pimples always look red in the morning after a shower...now i wonder why in the morning and not in the afternoon?? well its obvious, because i use the baby brush method in the morning, so thats cut lol...but if i cut that then i have nothing for exfoliation in my regimen as i cut retin A because i thought that was also irritating my skin...doesn anyone know any good exfoliation method, could be a wash or a product u apply, but it should be gentle pleaseeeeeeeeeeee...i was thinking off using those washes once a week that has those beads in them to exfoliate like that st.ives wash or something...

And as well i was every other day...is that enough exfoliation for my skin???

THANKK u very much for your help

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exfoliating in the morning is never a good idea for me. when i shower in the morning, all i use is dove beauty bar (very good for acne) and neutrogena stress free foam wash. this is very gentle yet ive seen great results. ive noticed that my acne isnt horrible red after a shower and actually looks better after use. another thing u can do to reduced the redness from a shower is (if possible) lower the water pressure when u start to wash your face. not everyone can do this, u would need a pressure control nob in your shower like me!!! i hope this helps and good luck

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Yeah, acne always looks worse after a shower.

Just shower at night. That's what I do. My face looks awesome in the mornigs. I don't breakout during the night, actually...just during the day. When I wake up, my face is dry, not oily. Maybe because my fan is blowing on it all night? Meh.

But yeah, shower at night.

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My skin gets red easily so after a shower my acne looks 10x worst because of the redness!! But it'll go away by the time I get into my clothes and do my hair.

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Mine always looks worse in the morning, but I always shower bc I like to feel clean and awake before I leave the house. What I do is wash with a gentle cleanser and don't overly rub my face or use hot water. I rinse my face and hair with cold water before I get out, supposidly it closes pores and hair cuticles. I always try and take my shower first thing too so my face has time to "calm down" while I do other things and do my make up last. Hope this helps!

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