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Da Real BucK

dermastyle or zeno?

dermastyle or zeno?  

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  1. 1. what do you think is better to prevent cystic acne?

    • dermastyle
    • zeno

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neither... cystic acne is one of the worst forms of acne...

i think those devices are best for people with the occassional pimple... like 1 or 2....

besides once a cyst forms, however small... its too late already...

i tried the dermastyle... 2 pimples = 40 min of day of treatment....

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I find Zeno works well on inflamed pimples if you catch them right away. However, I believe that neither zeno nor dermatyle is meant to be used on cystic acne.

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I actually need to edit my above post… the dermastyle may have actually helped clear one cyst I had… i did use it too treat one small cyst… which did go away later after 2 weeks…

I returned the dermastyle... I was optimistically thinking it would clear like in 2-3 days blasting it with it…

Interesting to note… usually nothing else I do clears a cyst besides a cortisone shot…

I have been on tane for almost 5 months now… and I still have 3 tiny cyst that remained throughout the course of therapy…

Usually I get them shot with cortisone, but I was curios to see if tane would clear them…

Unfortunately… I think tane is only excellent at preventing their formation…not clearing them.

Obviously more testing needs to be done, since I only played with the device for a week.

Also I suggest only using it if you have 1-2 cysts…

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ehh i been using dermastyle for a few months now.... i dont really think it works much but im also lazy cause it takes a long time to treat my whole face... on a brighter note it may work as a placebo because i feel like im doing good when i use it

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Zeno does not work on cystic acne. Made it look like it was burned. I think zeno is meant to be used on simple pimples, something that will go away in a few days anyways but zeno speeds it up so it goes away in 2 days instead.

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