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Hello, I've been watching these forums for almost a month now and have done quite a bit of research. I started looking into natural remedies because I've learned my lesson with buying products that claim to be effective but have no effect on me. I've even been prescribed Benzaclin before but it's way too harsh for my skin and actually ended up burning my skin. I have naturally oily skin also and EVERY moisturizer/lotion I've used, even the ones that claim to be oil-free only cause me to get more pimples. I started using the egg white mask a few weeks ago and while it did make my skin softer, I still got those painful and inflamed zits. Now I'm trying baking soda as an exfoliant and using the water/vinegar method as a toner, then following up with the egg mask. Now this I've only been doing for slightly under a week but I'm still getting acne and I don't really see any results; my skin looks exactly the same as before I tried any of these things. I've had acne problems since I was 11 (I'm 19 now) and I'm just really tired of trying things and never being successful.

Anyway, onto the scarring issue. The rest of my face is actually pretty clear (not as clear as I want it to be, but much better compared to other areas on my face), but I've been having huge problems with my jawline and cheekbone area/sides of face. I don't have much of a problem with whiteheads or blackheads, but I get those really painful and red pimples that form deep under the skin. I have a salicylic acid spot treatment gel that seems to help, but the redness is still there, and remains there sometimes even after the pimple is gone. I have this huge blotchy area on one side of my face that's really embarrassing and I always have to cover it with makeup. I don't get tons of pimples, but the ones I've had in the past have definitely left marks there. Is there anyone who can relate to this or help me out? I'm still looking for natural remedies if possible, since I'm tired of wasting my money on different products that usually don't work. Am I just being impatient? I'm going to keep doing the baking soda/apple cider vinegar/egg mask for a while... But I'm always looking for alternatives if this doesn't help either.

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woah, your skin sounds a lottt like mine. i do pretty much all the same stuff as you do, but i use a wash cloth whenever i wash my face to get all the crap off of it. and i rinse it off with cold water. this has made my skin remarkably clearer. i know this has definitely helped me. and for the red marks, maybe you should use apple cider vinegar?, the egg mask should be helping though. you should be lemon juice in with the egg mask though. it helps to tone your skin better

Note---you may think the wash cloth will irritate your skin, it really doesnt. you dont have to scrub that hard. it will keep your pores for getting all clogged up.

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manfal and euromo,

Thanks! I'm glad I got some feedback. Yeah I think I will keep doing the ACV and baking soda treatment, actually this morning my face looked clearer when I stopped using moisturizer last night (weird huh?) and yeah, my mom told me that my zits could most definitely be hormone-influenced also. It sucks though D: But well, I'll just keep doing what I started and see where it takes me. I'll also try using a wash cloth when washing my face, it sounds like a good idea!

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