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How can i deal with red marks and active acne?

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Basically, i've been off accutane for 10 months, and when i got off it i had alot of red marks left over, now 10 months later my acne is starting to return, and my red marks are still here.

Right now i use this regime:

Wash morning with Olay Foaming Face Wash

Wash after school with Olay Foaming Face Wash

Shower at night, wash with Olay Foaming Face Wash then moisturize with Aveeno oatmeal moisturizer.

I steam my face every 2~3 days or so with Kosher salt in the water.

That's about it, pretty simple.

So, what can i do to fix myself? If you really want pics then i guess i could....

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at night, i would consider using a egg white mask after your done washing your face. this should help to deal with both. just use 2 teaspoons (roughly) of lemon juice and mix it with the egg white from an egg. then just apply it to your face and leave it on all night. your face will feel tight, but that just means your pores are closed. it helps to dry up any existing acne on your face fast and fade red marks

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