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Need a Truly Non-Greasy, Non-Whiting Sunblock

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Ok guys, I need advice on where to find a truly matte sunblock, or if one even exists. They all say oil-free and non-greasy, but every single one still leaves a shiny sheen behind that gets on my shirt collar and makes me look like I’ve been working over a deep fryer. I’ve even tried pricy, uncommon brands off the internet out of desperation and they disappointed me too. Well, that’s not entirely true - the only one that’s honestly matte with no residue at all is one by Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula (DDF) called “Matte Finish SPF30.� The problem with this one is that it’s hard to apply and it leaves streaks of white powder all over your face. Anyone who has any recommendations for a non-greasy, non-whiting, no residue sunblock that’s not listed below, I’d love to hear about it! Thanks!

These are still greasy or white in my opinion:

Banana Boat Faces

Banana Boat Sport

Banana Boat Babies

Coppertone Faces

Dermadoctor Exquisite Body Guard

Fruit of the Earth

Neutrogena (all of them)

Jack Black


Panama Jack

…and any others I’ve missed from the drug store!!

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i use the neutrogena spf15 moisturizer. Altho it is winter im assuming it should hold up during the summer months.

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Coppertone Sensitive Skin sunblock. It leaves a slight white cast but it goes away quickly and it has a matte finish.

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Guest Tracy

Trust me when I tell you to go to your local healthfood store and purchase some Nature's Gate Dry Sportblock SPF 30. This stuff is amazing, does NOT feel oily AT ALL, dries clear.....and feels great on. And I apply a quarter-sized dollop on my face every morning.

Also, I have yellow-toned skin, as I am Italian, and it is not white AT ALL. It's reasonably priced (under $9), is a fairly large bottle, and lasts a long time. This is my favorite winter sunblock. In the summertime (since I live in sunny So. California) I use Total Block Clear SPF 65, but that DOES leave a white cast on your face, although it dries matte as well.

These are the only two sunblocks I have used consistently and do not have "greasy" problems with. Also, neither one of them runs into and stings your eyes. I can apply both of these sunblocks underneath my eyes and on my eyelids with no problems whatsoever.

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I second Paula's Choice Essential Non-Greasy SunscreenSPF15. Its watery type, and definitely not greasy at all, for me at least.

Another good one that I've tried is Dermalogica's Ultra Sensitive Face Block SPF 15. It's slightly tinted as well, but not overly. So, it doesn't look like you're wearing a mask.

Or, Lancome's UV Expert SPF 20. Don't try the higher SPFs as they are greasier. The SPF20 sunblock is not greasy

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I completely disagree with xjboy22x.

Cetaphil moisturizer with SPF 15 is my favorite and never makes me break out. It also has avobenzone, which is a key ingredient for sun protection, which a lot of sunscreens do not have.

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