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Question about applying BP

I have a question about using dans benzoyl peroxide. I've expiremented with two different application methods and i want to know which one works better

EX #1 i have ance on my cheeks on both sides so on each side i apply about 5 dime size applications, (exp- apply first dime size, massage until absorbed, then apply 2nd, 3rd etc.)

and then apply a small amount of moisturizer. I use this method when i have to go to school because i dont want my face to look white on the edges.

EX #2 - I massage about a quarters worth on one cheek, then continue to pile more and more BP ontop of that until my face is litterally covered in BP gel. I let it absorb over a period of 2 hours which it does, then apply another smaller layer. I do about 3 layers. (my skin doesnt dry)

so bassically i do #1 in the morning, and #2 around 3pm when i get back from school

I wanted to know which one of these methods works better, and or if they are actually bad and i need to stop

appreciate fast replys


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Why not just do both cheeks at once--and just once, not this multiple layering business after a couple hours? And repeat this in the morning before school, and in the evening perhaps after dinner, so that your applications are more evenly spread out and you're not touching your face too much?

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with my own experiences...i feel the best BP to use is not a gel...but the vanishing cream...the difference is the gel is shinier..the vanishin cream is dull..vanishin cream is much better since it kind of makes the pimples fade out (turns from being red to a dull purple color)...plus it is much more effective...so far ive been doing this regimen and it has been working after my first procedure of lazer...

Morning - BP put alot on rub it in gently untill it disappears on face

Workout 2hrs later

Take a shower 4 hours after first BP - BP put alot on

Before i go to bed BP put alot on

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