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Frustrated by a few zits after being clear for ages

This is just a rant. I know there isn't an answer. I just need to vent to someone who understands!

I had horrible acne for a while before I discovered my own unique routine and products. I had acne mostly (99.5%) gone. I was really pleased.

Then ... a few months ago ... my favorite makeup discontinued it's formula. I went on a search for another mineral makeup. I have tried about 5 different brands since then.

Also at that time, I got the bright idea of thinking maybe I could reduce the amount of AHA I use daily. This was probably a stupid idea - because it is one of the keys to my clear skin. (Don't fix what ain't broken - hind sight 20/20)

So somewhere between trying a lot of new makeups, and reducing my AHA (alpha hydrox 10% gel) ... I have been getting weird pimples in unusual places. Places on my face that I DO NOT usually get anything. One just below my eyebrow. Now I have a semi-flattened reminder that it is still healing. One UNDER my chin that was a cyst ... now a semi-flattened healing red mark. One popped up last night in cyst form on my temple! ... and ... a whitehead (well actually it is also inflamed - what are those pustules?) appeared last night on my chin. My chin is the only place I expect to get the rare pimple anymore. So these others - this is weird.

Did I do this to myself by cutting back on my AHA? (probably) Did I do this to myself by trying too many different makeups? (I think my skin hates change - is that possible?) Did one of these makeups start this trouble? (don't know!) Could it be my current makeup? (God help me, I hope not).

So I'm angry. I'm still angry that my former makeup company disowned me by getting rid of their perfect formula. I'm angry that they forced me to search for a new makeup. I"m angry that I had to try new products when I have such pathetically sensitive skin that almost nothing ever agrees with me. :(

I think I just wanna cry today. :cry:

I'm tired of having to be so careful with all my products so I don't get eczema. I'm tired of having to worry about acne. I'm tired of having other health issues. I'm tired of being 145 pounds and only 5'2" tall!!! (Gained weight due to illness). Tired tired tired tired!

Sorry for the rant. Had to get it out. No need to reply. In fact, maybe I'll just delete it later. :sick:

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I see...I bet it is from the lowered AHA...when I would lower my retin-a usage I would break out again too. Keep us updated!

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Oh my gosh, it IS the makeup causing it.

I wasn't sure before, but now I am.

Here's why:

I have been using a larger amount of my AHA again, but was still getting new pimples. Then I realized, the pimples are only on my face .... my back, chest and shoulders are all still perfectly 100% clear and smooth! So the breakouts are only happening where I"ve had makeup on my skin. Then I realized, the breakouts come during the dday while the makeup is ON. But overnight the pimples start to heal ... but when I put makeup on again during the day they start getting bigger again. Ugh!

Well at least I know what is causing it. And I can get back to 99.9% clear again.

The makeup I was wearing currently was Signature. Before that I was wearing Lily Lolo and Everyday Minerals. I tested Meow for 2 days but it make my face sting immediately. So which makeup caused it? Don't know - but I'm ditching all of them.

Found a new maker. Will try it asap. I have to get past this.

And - I have to wear makeup - I look dead without it. I'm not blessed with perfect looks even when I don't break out.

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I wore my old brand of makeup today - I only have some left in a color that isn't right for me - but at least I know the formula is safe. Instead of my skin flaring up with makeup on, it continued to heal - just like it does overnight when my makeup is off. So now I know for certain - it is some of the new makeup I've been testing that is causing me to breakout again.

I'm so glad I found a new makeup to try this week - cuz I've got nothing left to wear that is my color that doeesn't break me out.

Fingers crossed that the new one works out!!!

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what makeup did u use to wear? what are the ingredients?

btw, i experienced the same thing! i thought i was reading my own story.. i really know how you feel UGH. im still recovering from it as well :(

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Sorry not to reply sooner. :redface: I missed the replies.

Acne since 2006 - sorry to hear you've gone through it too, but thanks for helping me feel less alone! The makeup I was using was Afterglow - but the old formula is now gone. (discontinued) Afterglow foundation: mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, ultramarine, zinc oxide.

The ingredients read the same as EM, but they went on totally different. I think the proportions must have been very different. It shocked me that mica was their first ingredient - yet I could wear it. I tried other makeups with the same forumla, with totally different results.

The new makeup I"m waiting to arrive is SunCat. It contains: SunShine Foundations: Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides Fingers crossed! :pray:

As of today, I have all the breakouts flattened out and healing. Nothing new is popping up - even though it is a bad time of the month - I'm still clear. That really tells me it was something in one of the makeups I was wearing. :( Bummer, cuz I still don't know which one, or what ingredient etc. Currently I'm wearing a mix of all the leftovers from EM and LilyLolo! And the mix isn't breaking me out (but there's no coverup concealer mixed in) Heaven knows which thing it was.

Incharge - I tried to look up that makeup - but they don't tell their ingredients list. If a company has good ingredients, they'd write it up in big letters and make it easy to see - because it would be a strong selling point. I'd suspect their ingredients aren't totally safe since they won't tell what they are. Sorry I couldn't tell you more.

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