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After six long months my cystic acne is completely gone

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So this might not work with everyone, but Its worth a shot. STICK WITH YOUR REGIMEN. I would like to report that after 3 months I have been almost completely clear...and my redmarks are almost non existent. What I did:

In the morning: Lotion, and makeup

At night: Clense, BP, Lotion

doing the DK regimen twice a day was way to drying for my skin, and made it worse. I went for an entire month doing it twice a day, and it got so bad i broke down several times. When i switched to once a day it made a drastic difference.

My doctor told me topical would not cut it, and so he suggested Minocycline. I started with two pills a day, and now I have been taking one for the past month and a half.

I am just happy my skin is blemish free again... my confidence is back, and I am starting to see things in a happier light. I cant tell you how important it is to not change your regimen weekly, and to see a derm. and dont give up.

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My daughter just went back on mino 2x a day and the results are amazing. She has been on it for about a month now, and although it hasnt completely cleared, it is pretty good considering she was off antiobiotics for about 6 months now.

You are right. Stick with your regimen. And good luck with it.

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And the antibiotics took over three months to start working. I was so close to giving up..and then *poof* one day everything cleared up. It was so odd. But I do understand that they arent for everyone. Some people cant ever go off them with out breaking out, and some after taking them for a while will start to break out again. I guess I just got lucky.

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