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Dry lips in Europe

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So my lips are pretty dry. Also they keep getting dryer and, for some reason, expanding into areas previously inhabited by actual skin. In other words I'm in sort of an untenable position. So I'm looking for some good lip products I can buy/order in the EU (or specifically Sweden).

Right now Im using something called Nivea Lip Care Essential a few times every hour as well as vaseline at night. The problem is that these don't seem to help. They make my lips greasy and smooth without actually stopping them from getting worse.

So has anyone got any ideas?

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Hey there!

Trust me on this one: http://www.sukisnaturals.com/product.php?product_id=23

It's a bit pricey, but it lasts and lasts -- even through the rigors of an Accutane course -- and it's natural, non-greasy, non-shiny, lasts hours after just one application -- and is much healthier than absorbing all that petroleum-based stuff into your system. And I checked the website ... it's available in Sweden. Yay!

I love that I can put this stuff on and eat without tasting it -- and it's still on afterward. It stays on at night and stays put if you're outdoors a lot. But, whichever product you wind up with, take care and cheers to clear skin!

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Hello mate,

you could give a try to Rolip Stick Mandelic, that's what i use (consulted by my derm).

I am from Greece, so likely you can find it in your Sweden too.

Good luck with your journey to clear skin!!!

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