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Anyone else on 40mg?

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Just wondering what your clearing process has been? I'm on 40mg for 4 months. 1 month in, my face has only seen the slightest of improvements. There aren't as many whiteheads and the swelled parts are beginning to go down I think. I've said in other topics before that my derm said I should see some good improvement this month. I'm hoping he's right, I want it down at least just a little more.

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I am on 40 mg since over 4 months (125 days) and I am doing a 7 or 8 month course on 40 mg because I had severe acne at the beginning.

I had severe acne all over my body (chest , back , shoulders , upper arms..) and mild on my face and after 2 months I was clear completely. First month I saw some improvement especially on my body and by month 2 I was all clear and still clear since 65 days now.

You should see improvement this month too. Good luck man.

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hey everyone,

ive been on 40mg about a month, and on 20mg the month before.

so far, my face is crap... like horrific. back and chest ok though.

i'm really depressed about my face i hoped i would see improvement by now.

probably going down to 20mg soon as my trigs are high.


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also on 40mg, it's been around 2 months, already a huge improvement specially in my back which was a mess before. face also looking muuuch better.

personally, it really started to kick in after the first month or so but that really depends on the person/severity of course. :>

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I am on 40mg a day and should be on it for 6 months, though I'm not sure whether my dosage will be upped at any point (I weigh 48kg). Still waiting for any changes as I'm only on day 6!

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