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dianette DAY 3

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a bit of history to start. when i was 17 i developed acne. at 18 i started taking dianette which cleared up my skin within a few months even with a really greasy and unhealthy student diet.

after a year i was recommended by my gyno to stop taking dianette as it was too strong. i was put on femodene which wasn’t as good as dianette but somewhat maintained my skin (plus my diet was healthier which may have contributed to the clearer complexion?)

any way fast forward to now... my skin is a mess i.e greasy and spotty so i have started taking dianette again. it is my third day so far therefore too early to notice any change in skin.

i am feeling optimistic but i am also dreading the initial 'breakout period' i have read so much about!! i hope mine is not too bad however i will keep you posted.

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Have you considered spiro? It sounds like spiro would really help you.

Does anybody ever wonder what causes PCOS? Could it be the pill? Environmental toxins (plastic)?

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to be honest i dont even know ehat spiro is? if you think it would help then i would love to know more about it!

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Does anybody ever wonder what causes PCOS? Could it be the pill?

I don't have to wonder, it's been proven hormonal birth control causes PCOS to worsen, especially if you are on the wrong one. Usually doctors don't notice it until you are really bad (or infertile!). Then they try and stick you on ANOTHER BCP to treat pcos? Horrible!

the androgen in diane will make you grow hair (thicker & more of it), which is why that BC is also used for women who are going bald.

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DAY 19

well i am towards the end of week 3 and i have had a break out! and there was me thinking that my spots were beginning to get under control! its so depressing! i got days off form work and i should be out enjoying myself but i feel too self consious to go out.:cry: :cry

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