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? About The Regimen?

so I just started the Dans regimen.. its seems to be working great for my skin.. The only thing is when I have gym in school second period.. around 8:00 I play football and I sweat... does this mess with my pores? because I do the regimen before I go to school. so far in the morning im just using his facewash.. and not applying the bp.. I only apply the bp at night.. and in the day time i spot treat... and my skin is under control.. so should I not aply bp in t he morning.. Any HELP would be appreciated.

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If you're not using BP in the morning, then you don't have to worry about sweating it off. Honestly, it would probably be absorbed by then anyway.

If you're concerned about the sweat making you break out, you could try blotting your face with a towel to absorb it. Or you could wait to wash your face & moisturize after PE, if it's your first class & you don't mind going to school without washing your face. I don't recommend washing your face more than twice a day, as that can be irritating.

If your skin is clear with just using BP once a day, then just use it once a day. If you're still breaking out or don't stay clear, then try increasing to twice a day & following DKR exactly.

From my experience, I go to the gym after work sometimes & work out with makeup on even and I don't wash my face right afterwards. I don't always come home & immediately take a shower (usually I eat first; I'm ravenous by then). If I'm sweaty, I just blot my face with a towel. Then I wash my face when I shower a bit later.

Since you're going to be in public though, it's your call if you want to wait til after PE to wash your face. If blotting isn't enough & you feel gross, then that's an option.

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