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Pimple Date EightTwentyFour2007..Captain CW

So I spent way too much money and time today on supplies. I'll begin this protocol with simple notes and steps added/missed.

1. Showerd face with warm water then gently washed with Clean & Clear medicated face wash.

a. Wanted to try this because of the .25% Triclosan. When I was a teenager a derm asked me to use Cetophil which contains .3% and I remember getting better results.

b. Concerned about Triclosan also having a negative reaction later on in life due to a damn google search that popped up a ton of shit on bacteria becoming immune to this and coming back with avengance.

Immediate Thoughts : Stung a little on my lips and could feel the sting in the pock marks. Good thing? Possible mass extinction of bacteria? Enquiring minds want to know!

2. Patted face dry. Didnt have a fresh clean towel though. Will tommorrow though!

a. should really just turn on the fan and air dry.

3. Toner. This is not in the regimen and I'm experimenting with steps from the "Better than Proactive" kits.

Immediate Thoughts: Felt damn good and clean although concerned I closed off all avenues for the BP to absorb.

5. Applied good amount of BP (2.5%) to entire face & neck.

Immediate Thoughts: Could see a white layer beginning to dry onto my face. Did the toner shut the pores to tight? Will consider no more toner until inital acne breakout is subdued.

6. Ran hot water in sink thinking this may open up the pores for medication to enter the deeper layers.

a. it kinda felt like it did. I dont know....face started feeling really dried out quickly.

7. Moisturizer. Chose one with aloe vera, cocoa butter and vitamin E. Noticed alot of members with oily/shiny skin problems recommended witch hazel, aloe and cocoa butter.....MMMMMMmmmm cocoa...sorry had to have a Homer moment.

So there you have it. My first log. Peace.....


I've inserted a shot of all the shit I picked up today. Let me know what you think about the combination I've chosen and if you see any different routes.


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