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Plastic Surgery After Accutane

Hi guys, well first of all, i have a deviated septum in my nose, and was wondering how long I have to wait to be off accutane to have the surgery. It is similar to a rhinoplasty, except that they are just correting it and making the bone smooth. I heard that your skin scars easier when you are on accutane, and am worried that i will come out worse, or even develop some keloid scar formaton. Once again, how long should I wait. I finish my accutane treatment on october 23, and was planning on having the surgery in June. Is that enough time??

Thanks, Albert

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Apparently 6 months , but this is what my derm told me for something else (a laser procedure)...he said the healing of the skin would still be impaired)... Im not sure if the same, more, or less applies to surgery, but that seems like a good ballpark figure. Other people may be able to give you an exact answer (but best to ask ur derm).

I just have a question about that surgery ...i have a deviated septum too, and im wondering how bad do your symptoms or deviation have to be to consider surgery ? I dont have sleep apnea or severe sleep disturbances or anything, but really just get a blocked nose when I wake up sometimes. It goes away if I use nasal strips, but theyre expensive. Also did you see an ear nose throat or a plastic surgeon?


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Yes, i went to my eye ear nose doctor( ithink thats what you call it) and he said i could have surgey, i also suffer fromn sinus problems due to the deviated septum, so it isnt life threatniong but i would have less sinus problems, and a side of my nose is clogged. Im just gonna ask my dermatologist.

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