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SenselessSaint's DKR log

Day 3

After carefully reading the biggest mistakes page and watching the videos, i took a deep breath and began my regimen journey 2 days ago. My regimen products consist of Basis Sensitive Skin bar, Acne.org 2.5% B.P and Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. As positive as i am trying to be about the regimen, i can't help but remain very skeptical. I've been battling acne for 10 years and have tried just about every topical treatment under the sun (including BP, though not the 2.5%).

As instructed on the how to start the regimen page, i've been using a 1/3 finger's amount of the BP so far. My face has turned beetroot red, but i haven't experienced any drying or flaking yet. If anything, when i wake up in the morning my skin is oily. So after applying BP in the morning, i've been using only a tiny drop of moisturizer and i haven't used any at night. It's hard to tell if there has been any improvement so far. I currently have about 5 pimples and the rest of the trouble is marks left from pimples i've had in the last few months. I have 3 very prominet marks from whiteheads that flattened about 6 weeks ago. I know there's a difference between the red marks left from acne and scars, but i don't really know how to distinguish between them and i'm terrified...because what if they marks are actually scars and stay forever?

I do have to admit that last night a small whitehead developed right between my eyebrows and when i woke up this morning, there wasn't a trace of it left...which is encouraging. So...with fingers crossed, i will continue on with the regimen and hope for the best.

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Day 5

Still red, no dryness at all yet. So i've stopped using the moisturizer...for now. Not sure i'm really seeing any improvement. I would classify my acne as moderate/severe. The 5 active pimples are still there, all the marks on both my cheeks and forehead are still there. And a new whitehead has developed on my cheek. Hmmm.......

I read the success stories and most people claim that within days they see drastic changes...Is there anyone here who did not instantly see improvement with the DKR and had to stick with it several weeks or so before seeing visible improvement? If i just knew that this thing doesn't necessarily clear your skin up in 48 hours (like it seems to have for so many people here) but might do so in a month or so i would feel a lot more motivated.

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