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Accutane and Allergies!! Help Please Lots of Questions!!

I have pretty much been suffering from acne since I hit 13, I am now 19. I have acne on my upper back, neck and face. I have tried everything except accutane and my doctor is reccomending it.

I read an article that acne was related to food allergies and I found I was allergic to Soy, Wheat and Peanuts. Although they dont seem to be the CAUSE of the acne I notice that when I eat the food I am allergic too I get a lot of acne, as in I break out very badly!.

My father uses accutane and I have noticed on the package that it says it contains "soy" and "peanuts" and those are the things I am allergic to..

Now my question is the following:

Would my acne dissapear if I took accutane even though I am allergic to the the ingredients in the accutane?

I notice that everytime I eat anything with soy (aka: soy lechtin, vegetable fatt etc.) I break out very badly, and I have noticed my skin gets oilier. So basically my allergic reaction is in the form of acne and oilier skin.. I am really puzzled, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if anyone out there has any experiance with acne related to allergies and the use of accutane with this situation please reply!

thank you :)!

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