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Second Accutane Dose - Experiences?

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I'm unhappy to be here and having to discuss this stupid problem yet again :(

I've recently got my prescription for Roaccutane again and will be going on a low monthly dose.

Does anyone have experiences with regards to being on their second dose - is there any difference than the first time?

What about the lower dosage? I'm really not looking forward to the dry skin and other effects again :(:(:(

Any help appreciated...

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yeah i know.. ive asked to go to a derm, and aiming to get accuntane.

The first time was hell, but im hoping it will be a bit easier this time (considering my acne isnt as bad). I wish i had done it sooner.. it just sucks because my job/lifestyle is going to suffer whilst im on it i expect.

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did you have pain problems (back muscle pain) i did and my doc mentioned going back on a second course and now i want to but during the first course my g/f said i was completely different and when i got off i made a complete turn around said i was a different person (MUCH BETTER) and i fear becoming the monster i was when i was on it

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i had back pain in the first one, my mind was also all over the place, i craved sugar which i never do, i mean my first course was intense

the second, is nothing NOTHING like the first one. its easy, or easier. i am not moody, in pain, dry, or uncomfortable. you wont know unless you try it. everyone is different. ask away all your questions and i'll do my best to answer what i know from my experiences (but know that other people's experience are all different)


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My second course of accutane has been a lot harder. My first course the maximum I went up to was 60mg a day over 4 months, but I was living at home and still studying.

7 years later I'm now on 75 mg a day for 6 months and with work commitments its taken a lot more out of me. I've also had really bad side effects that I didn't get the first time around (lots of nausea, headaches, tiredness, arthritic pain in my hips, back and ribs and really, really, really sensitive skin - including hot ears - explain that one!).

This is all due to the higher dose but its not as easy when you have to drag your carcass out of bed each morning for work!

I am getting really good results though so I know it'll be worth it in the end!

I think all you can do is give it a go and keep reviewing your dosage with your derm if the side effects are too bad.


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what about flushing, I NEVER knew what 'flushing was' until accutane it would happen to me 5 times a day so embarrassing and it still does some but no where near as bad my prom pictures are not what i would have imagined due to flushing (i looked so shy)

was flushing as bad or what?

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