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My Story.

Hi guys.

I came across these forums a couple of weeks ago, and have found them to be very beneficial in helping me clean up my acne a bit. To show my gratitude, I'm going to share with you some of the things I've done that have been worthwhile and have been beneficial. Hopefully it can help some of you out a bit as well.

First off, a quick skin description. Male. I've always had fairly mild acne, but nothing ever to the extent that I'd ever thought of going to a derm about. I am now 20 years old, and my skin is better than it ever has been. I've seen very good improvements in just over the two weeks span, and here's how I did it.

Also note, I like to: a) take a hands-off approach medicine wise. Most of my improvements I noticed were due to changes in my behaviour and habits, and less to do with what I sloshed on my face. Take what you want from that. and b) little preparation time.

*note, many of the things I'll list are common knowledge to many people that visit the forums regularly, but they really did work for me, and I cannot stress how important they are.*

what ABSOLUTELY worked:

(1) Learning to sleep on my back. I used to always sleep on one side of my face, and as a result I always had a small, bad patch of acne there. This cleared up fairly quickly once I trained myself to sleep with my head up. It really wasn't all that hard for me to do, but I can understand if people with bad sinuses can't.

(2) Probably the most important thing for me to do was simple stop touching my face. Again, it takes a little training, but when I stopped touching my face, things clear up quickly.

(3) No picking. Self-explanatory.

(4) Showering twice max, and rubbing face with towel. Again, I was always under the impression that you needed to shower alot to keep pores clean. And I would just rub the towel all over my face to get the water off. Sort of gives me the shivers thinking about it now.

(5) Stop worrying about it. I found that the more I DIDN'T pay attention to my face, the better it got. I'm not trying to say you should neglect your skin care, but we all got things to worry about; it's not necessary to compound those fears with worries about your skin. More holistic talk from me, but I find the body tends to be able to sort things out very easily.

So, my routine is simply use cetaphil for sensative skin cleanser twice a day and control my bad habits. Oh, and I also have taken a normal dosage of fish oil every day for over three years now. I think that's been beneficial to my skin.

Best of luck with everyone and their skin.

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