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Vingegar against acne works wonders for me

Hello guys,

I had a moderate acne for years during my teenager years. I tried everything, surfed these boards like a fool, got a really bad opinion about my body and about myself etc - you probably know what I am talking about.

For 6 months I have been using a mixture of vingegar and water which I apply in the morning and the evening and it works wonders for me. My skin has cleared up, it does not shine anymore and I am really happy about this.

I wanna share my experience with you because I know what ur guys are going through.

So here it is:

Mix Water (0.8 liters, 80%) and apple cider 5%(0.2 liters, 20%) and put it into a spray bottle. Just make sure that the mixture is not too strong, else it does not work properly and your skin will be irritated.

Just apply it to your face twice a day and wash it off with water after applying. I do not promise that it works for you, however, for me and other friends it worked greatly.

Please let me know about your experiences.

All the best and have fun trying,


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i use apple cider vinegar on my face and back too. but i got lazy and stopped pretty much for a month. not to mention it stinks and i have classes.

it worked for my back. it didn't help fade red marks faster, but for me, it stopped my breaking out, so i'd not get the red marks anyway. i got pictures, and maybe i'll post them someday. it shows red marks, but no new pimples.

oh ya, because i stopped about a month ago, sure enough and the pimples came back.

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what brand apple cider vinegar do you use? is Heinz ok?

did you spray it on? how much did you spray it on and how long did you leave it on for?

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