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accutane scar picking

So, month 2 of Tane began not too long ago and I am getting BAD scabs all over my face from popping whiteheads. I then proceed to take a shower in the mornings and pick off the scabs and they always bleed. Huge holes then remain and I use topical antibiotic on them and then the scab reforms by night.

Am I doomed to crater-like scarring in the near future?


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Don't pick the scabs off. Put antibiotic cream on each spot, a bandaid, and leave it alone. The bandaid will help you not pick. The more you pick, the more likely you are to have scarring.

If you must pick, pierce the white portion of a zit with a sterile needle and gently use two q tips to very very gently press down around the zit to evacuate its contents. Then wash your face and apply antibiotic cream and a bandaid.

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Maybe like when your a home you could wear gloves!! maybe like to thin ones that like doctors wear. You can buy them in the stores. I know it sounds weird but you want to make sure you don't pick especially being on accutane, it can cause scars more easily. Wear them just long enough to get out of the habit of picking. When I would break out I would use the needle to pop the white part of the pimple and then use a extractor device(its a little metal device with hole at the end) that you gently put over the pimple and apply pressure. If nothing comes out , the pimple is not ready to be extracted.

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Guest AcneProne_1977

What I do is...

Pop the pimple until a little blood comes out (to make sure all the pussy shit is out), then dab with a kleenex to make it's dry and apply polysporin. Then I wait until the scab is partially coming off (usually about a couple days later) and then I just peel the rest off.

You're not letting it heal and, therefore, you're going to cause bad scarring. You need to refrain from peeling the scar off the next day. Let it do "its thing" and then when it start to peel on its own, you can gently pull the rest of it off.


P.s. I liked Wynne's description: "evacuate its contents". Very polite way of saying it!!

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