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Hey guys,

I tried the whole regimen about a month ago and had a bad reaction. I would definetly say I have sensitive skin. Being on accutane twice and using retin-a as a nightly ritual would probably be the reason behind it. BUT I was getting inflammed acne and wanted to use BP to somehow control it.

Slathering BP all over my face actually made things worse in my case. It caused a fire like burn and irritation I had never experienced. Even waiting 30 minutes and applying lotion made it burn even more. Obviously I had to stop that.

I started testing out different methods and finally found one my skin loves (meaning no breakouts)

Here's what I do:

1. Use Dan's facewash in the AM and PM

2. Use Dan's lotion only in the dry flaky areas

3. Use Dan's BP as a spot treatment, now this is tricky and requires a little effort. The reason is because you have to catch the bugger before it gets inflammed in order for the BP to prevent the actual pimple. I pay close attention to my skin so it's easy for me. But what I do is apply a small amount in the vicinity of the pimple and actually treat the whole area.

4. Use retin-a micro everynight before bed. Its been great keeping my pores clear.

5. Keep everything controlled in moderation. In regards to eating, sleeping, exercising, stressing, etc.

It's working for me and I hope it can for you too :angel:

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