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Hello, there...

I'm new to this board, but I have been lurking for a while and I've started posting some in the past day or so...but finally I have a question of my own.

After reading both LionQueen and SnowQueen's posts, they mentioned Paula's Choice BHA products...

I just placed an order for the sample packet of the %1 BHA Gel.

I started with the %1 because while I do have persistently clogged pores in and around my nose, as well as a few on my chin and forehead, I would categorize my skin as having "light to mild" acne. I do not get cysts or nodules, and only rarely get a really inflamed zit. Usually I get a clogged pore which after a few days will develop a white head, and in a few days disappear.

I would say on a daily basis, I have anywhere from 10-15 occurrences like this on my face, so while it's an annoying problem, with a little makeup it's not that noticeable. However, it's been going on since I was 13 (I'm now 21), and I'd love to get rid of it.

My skin is oily, which is why I went with the BHA vs the AHA.

I know most people on here use the %2, but would you say I was right in starting with the lower dose?

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If you have sensitive skin I would start with 1% SA and eventually move up to 2%. If not, you can go ahead with 2%. You should also get a few samples of the 2% and compare the two concentrations. But from my experience, I've never found SA to be as drying as BP or Sulfur so I don't tihnk 2% should be a problem.

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I'm not worried about the drying effect, really, it's more the, "My skin isn't really that bad, so do I really need a higher concentration?"

It wouldn't hurt to just use the 2%, just as a security.

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