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Derm injection?

Cortisone injections are used to decrease the inflammation of a cyst or nodule. Each lesion has to be injected. I've had many of these and after the injection the cyst will swell for a few hours, then begin to recede and usually will be gone in a day or so. A few times I was left with collagen atrophy (a small dent) but it filled in by itself in a few months.

These injections do not cure acne . The closet thing on the market today to put acne into remission is Accutane and that is not always successful. Many people (including myself) have taken 2 or more courses and they still break out after the course is finished. This can happen anywhere from weeks to years afterward. There are those lucky people who used it and never had a reoccurence.

What are you using on your skin and have you seen a derm? There are many regimes available to help you treat your skin. You might want to research the forums on acne.org as they contain great info. HTH and good luck.

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yup, cortisone. it's a steroid, i think. they inject it into each pimple. it's for the big ass mountains, that hurt and might leave you scarred. i had some done, and i'd say the bumps were gone by the next day (but still discolored). i think it was between $100-300 bucks. but he was an expensive doctor anyway.

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i've had some corticosteroid injections too, but i wouldn't call it a "cure". they shrink acne lesions, not prevent acne from developing.

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