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This Is for ALL acne sufferers

Okay this is for everyone that are cursed with mild to moderate acne(because thats what i have and thats all i know.) Have you ever wondered why you never got acne before you used chemicals on your face? Or you started using a shit load of chemicals just because you probably got like 2-3 pimples and then the amount of pimples gradually started increasing but you never new why. Thats because of chemicals. For some people i agree they work but if you think in the long term there are many side effects. Using chemicals is like dumping a bottle of beer on your face. And if you havent started using chemicals then i suggest you never do because it will mess up your skin pretty bad. i started off to have only maybe 1 or maybe two pimples in a month, and just because someone probably lauphed at me i just started using like BP along with 10 other creams at the same time and then i started getting proned to Hyperpigementation(red/purple/brown marks.) That made my face look even worst. So my whole point of this thread is to suggest that you stop using chemicals because thats whats best. Using natural things are way better in short/long term without side effects. And thats why i made this thread so people dont make the same mistake as me. And have you ever wondered why there hasent been a cure found for acne yet? Thats because if they find one then whos gonna by all these chemicals they sell from like $5 to like $200 for like stupid treatments that say "Results within hours" but never do shit. And some of yall are probably thinking im crazy or something but trust me im right, no matter what you think. And ive tried all the products you can imagine and i admit they've gaven me results im not gonna lie. But yea all you probably need to do is wash your face with a cleanser at night and thats about it. And what I mean by a cleanser is like Baking Soda which is the best natural Cleanser/Exfoliator out there which is less then a buck. And Only use it at night before you sleep, and in the morning only water. And you can also overnight spot treat with it to so its also benificial for spot treating. I guarentee you this is the best, you can also use like lemons, ACV, Cucumbers, ETC. And all of those have also worked for me. And the best part is that its simple and easy. No cleansing, then treating, then moisturizing twice a day. All this is just a waste of time. If you have a simple regimen you also save time and can do it while your probably even sleeping. Oh yeaa and lol you see some people on this site that have like a page of items on there signature that they use for there daily regimen that probably costs them like $100+ a month. And if you have a simple regimen like i suggest it'll be a signature like mines and like $1 a month for your daily regimen. The last thing thing i gotta say is that water is the best thing you can use for your face because god made it.

Good luck too all those that think this is BS and keep using chemicals, And good luck to those that take my advice.

Im out.

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I agree. I used to use Bio Oil and Duac all the time, and while the Duac did get rid of some of my acne, the Bio Oil did absolutely nothing for the red marks. So I decided to stop using both at the same time, and I started using just ACV after showers which really helped. The problem is I overused it bad and it kinda came back on my forehead with a vengeance :/. So I'm using freshly squeezed lemon juice in the morning and ACV at night now and seeing how it goes. This *regimen* costs like £1.20 a month.

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Yea, you're right.

I went to the dermatologist for acne, and she prescribed a butt load of crap. And the ones I've recently been on was.....retin A, differin, tetracycline, doxycycline. (i didn't use all at the same time! lol)

But, I just wasn't getting the results I wanted. I was still getting acne somewhat, and my skin has changed completely. More drier, flakier, more sensitive to the sun. So I just threw it all away, told her I was going to stop everything,....EVERYTHING.

And I created MY OWN regimen based on MY needs because she obviously was blind or something. And this is a REPUTABLE place. lol

I got 100% natural honey and use it as a mask everynight.

I wash my face ONLY with water (like u do)

I use a toner that is made up of rosewater, Vitamin E, Aloe, and Witch Hazel (keeps my skin moisturized throughout the day)

I keep a humidifier in my room.....=)

and last but not least, I take zinc supplements (60 mg) along with 4 mg of copper everyday.

and VOILA! ^_^ niiiiiiiiice, NOT DRY skin. lol

So,.. yup. I agree with you. But then again, for those with SEVERE acne, they probably do need that extra help. But should also include some natural products or things into their regimen. ^_^.

Good luck everybody! and...thanks for the post.


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