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what am i doing wrong

erythromycin 500 mg, twice daily (start of week 3)

cetaphil cleanser

proactive repairing lotion (finger full)

aloe vera fruit of the earth (1/2 finger)

try not to touch my face throughout the day, pop zits very rarely now (over last 2 weeks)

i get zits on my cheeks and around my mouth still, 10-15 small-medium sized ones.

i recently stopped the differin, ill see if this is a good idea in the upcoming weeks.

any advice?

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if you get zits around the mouth, check your toothpaste for fluoride & SLS. you might be allergic to those. if it does contain those ingredients, try looking for a fluoride-free, SLS-free & flavor-free (if possible) toothpaste.

The appearance of Acne or Rashes around the mouth is called "Peri-Oral Contact Dermatitis" and is commonly caused by chemicals known as "Halogens" in your diet, in medicines you take, or in products you use.

Halogens are common chemicals that cause Acne:

· Bromides: Found in Cough Syrups, Asthma Medication, Sleeping Pills, Chocolate.

· Chlorides: Found in Mouthwashes and Swimming Pool Water.

· Fluorides: Found in Toothpastes and some Oral Care products.

· Iodides: Found in Salt, Seafood, B12 Vitamins, Processed Foods.

If most of your Acne is around the mouth area:

1. Check if you are ingesting or using any of the items listed above. If so, stop or lessen your exposure to or your intake of these items.

2. Switch to Oral Hygiene products without Fluoride, Chloride, Dyes or Flavours

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