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Accutane 60 mg, Started today

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Hello all,

I'm 23 yrs old and I started my accutane journey today.

60 mg per day (I weight 57 kg), for 6 months period as my doc said.

I dont consider any change or side effect yet, i know it's too early for this. :)

I include a pic.


Pls do not hesitate to ask me anything you want.

I''try to update this log as soon as possible.

Good luck at all of us!!!

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Hey there, good luck on your accutane treatment. I just started 3 days ago myself. Hopefully this works for both of us.

I haven't noticed any side effects yet either, from what I read it takes a good week or so before it starts kicking in.

I'm starting to feel some "brewing" in my skin which is probably the beginning of my IB.

Good luck, I'll check in on yah from time to time.

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good luck m8 hope it works for us all:D

What moisturisers ect lim balms are u going to use make shure u use them:D Quiet a large dose for the weight of you to start on soo take it easy m8 !!


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Thank you all for stopping by and wishing me good luck.

Hope it really works for all of us!

Today (2nd today of my treatment) I woke up with a big and painful bastard with a whitehead and I feel such as my face is on fire.

Anyway, I hope that it will be gone soon, and my and yours IB too will not be very very bad....

I am so happy that we can share our experiences and that we started on about the same dates.

Let me ask, do you feel thirstier than usual or is it just me?

Yeah, I feel that it is quite large dose for starting (and staying, 60mg till the end of the 6 month period), but its doc choice, so I believe he knows what he does and I don't worry.

He also told me not to be afraid of anything (side effects), all can be taken under control. But, the flaking is unevitable. So I am expecting it.

I think that it's gonna be better if we relax, as long as we can! But will see.

Sending you all -readers and writers- positive energy!


Products recommented by my derm.

Cleanser: Avène Cleanance Gel

Moisturizing: Aknicare cream (twice a day)

Lip balm: Rolip Mandelic

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Hope you all are doing fine.

Me after finishing day six.

No side effects, my skin is getting drier but it's ok.


Sorry for not writing details but everything is ok! :)

I have a meeting tomorrow so I have to wake up earlier than usual. Now, I feel is time for bed.

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