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Broken capillaries without flushing or diffuse redness

Hi all,

I have been searching online for treatment options for broken capillaries and everything suggests rosacea. Oddly enough, though, I don't blush, I don't flush and I don't have any diffuse redness, itchiness or any other rosacea symptoms, the only rosacea symptom I do have is the broken capillaries, mostly around my nose and on the upper cheeks, so I'm wondering whether or not I have rosacea. Two different derm's told me they weren't sure, which wasn't exactly helpful. I do have severe adult acne which I had for 20+ years and which has been helped greatly in the past year or so by taking oral spironolactone, (knock wood). I'm 39 y/o, female with extremely fair freckled skin, (Irish and German extraction).

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing my broken capillaries or how to treat them? I don't drink alcohol or go outdoors much, (and when I do, I wear sunscreen), but I do smoke and my diet isn't the greatest, as I'm usually eating on the run.

Any thoughts or ideas on what causes broken capillaies (besides the usual sun exposure and alcohol triggers) or info. on treatment options, besides just wearing makeup to cover them, (which I already do), would be most appreciated.

Thanks and best wishes from bookyone :)

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