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What is this guys/girls

Not sure if this is the right place to put it as i dont even know what this is, but here we go again with the same problem, on my neck i've got a red raised lump, its small, round, it isn't puss filled and when i squeeze it the lump just goes more red and bleeds a bit, what could this be, i keep getting them and its getting annoyin cause they make my skin look horrible, its also annoyin as i dont have anything on my face or neck apart from this one. :mad:

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Cyst/sebaceous cyst/infected follicle/acne something like that. To treat: leave it alone!!! ;) See bottom link in my signature for suggestions on what to do with such a creature.

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What i have sounds like what this person wrote in another post, ill copy and paste it here.


Pustules are a form of inflamed acne - some people are more prone to this than others. Usually, pustules start off as non-inflamed, closed comedones that get infected with bacteria and burst open the follicle wall, which causes an inflammatory response by the body. Some people only get papules, which are somewhat deeper, inflamed bumps without pus. A pustule happens with the body pushes the acne impaction to the surface of the skin, along with the pus (which is dead bacteria and white blood cells).

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