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Ive got to be doing something wrong

Ive been on the regimen for a year now but still have acne and redness. This is really starting to irritate me. I also seem to still have oily skin.

my regimen is just all three of dans products twice a day.

Any advice or help?

Anything i could change?



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What was your acne like when you first began the Regimen? Mild? Mod? Severe?

Are you using enough bp? A full fat finger length?

And have you looked through the Biggest Mistakes page and the "it's not working" page?




When starting the regimen, acne was probably like that except all over my face not just around my mouth and chin. I do use slightly less bp the a finger full but very close. Dont seem to be making any mistakes on the regimen.

To tell you the truth, what bothers me the most isnt the acne but the redness and oily skin Im getting while still on the regimen. What are the ways of fixing those two things?

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in my experience, if i got redness it wasnt from the BP it is from the lotion i'm using.. try a different lotion for a while, see if that helps man. Dans lotion works great for me tho.. i recommend Neutrogena Sensitive skin Moisturizer - http://www.acne.org/neutrogena-moisture-oi...s/70/page1.html

I also recommend lysol on pillows and sheets every night to kill the bacteria

AND Exercise works amazing for clearing skin up, and if you wanna get big into it follow a nutrition plan

this all assuming your following the easy guidelines on dan's instructional video's

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The cleanser seems to be the problem. My skin becomes very flaky and dry after washing whihc in turn might lead to redness and oiliness and bad results. What do you guys recommend as a good cleanser in lieu of dans cleanser? Or should i slowly back off bp and see what happens?

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