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Adult Males and Acne...

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hi everybody, i had acne for almost 2 years now and even im on continuous medication i still have acne.. man, i hate acne, i think i dont have any courage to go out anymore.. this sucks..

for my own opinion,

resorcin with sulfur solution is good, the doctor just gave it to me and it works well for me.

just sharing... hehe..

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I am 19, almost 20 and have been fighting acne now for about 11 months?

This past year has easily been the toughest of my short life. I lost my fiance which blew up a bloody fireball of hell, was taking 32 hours my freshman year of college, working anywhere from 2-4 jobs, my sister-in-law got deployed to Iraq, my brother got hooked back on heroin and he moved back into my parents with his two kids, debt and money issues from being so poor.

A year ago I had perfect skin and it was amazing. I fought acne when I was 15-16 but it never got out of control and cleared up by my junior year of high school.

I have taken some drastic steps to change my life though. I busted my ass at work to get promoted (7 times in one year) and am now making a decent salary which has allowed me to move out on my own and only work one job. My job will also give me a huge tuition discount beginning in January to help with the money. I decided to take off this current semester from school to give me the chance to find stability in my life and get my feet back under me and when I go back to school next semester I am only going part time (6-9 hours). I've been on the DKR for about 4-5 weeks and on Fish Oil and Zinc for another week and am seeing some great results, not to mention this is all happening at the same time my life is turning around for me.

When I was fighting acne though, at first I was embarrassed, wouldn't go out with friends. I was so down after my fiance left me that I know I needed to try to get back out there and date but could not bring myself to it with the acne I had. Eventually mid way through the summer I said fuck it.

I am who I am. Rejection is part of life, if I strike up a conversation with a girl in the supermarket and it doesn't pan out, oh well. At least I tried, but what if it does? Just thinking this way in general has made me feel better.

For all the other males out there fighting with self esteem issues, I encourage you to take up the same philosophy I did. Screw it man. No fear, if you get rejected, so what? I promise you'll live on and it won't change your life one bit. Instead of spending Friday nights alone, you will spent Friday nights alone but knowing at least you tried to get a date. No shame in that. Everyone gets rejected.

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I'm 21..and my acne is just as bad now, as it was when I was 14...I have spells where my skin will somewhat clear for about 2 weeks and then it roars back...I have 15 small, round, red spots all around the right side of my mouth...those healed up...then the following week it was on the left side..almost the same amount.

Acne...can be genetic. And if it is...chances of it going away at such and such age...not likely.

Accutane is really the only drug to at least put it in remission for a while. It attacks the sebacous gland that produces sebum...Sebum is the root cause of acne..While its there to push bacteria out of the skin...for some of us, it just works a little to well to the point where it backfires :).

Goodluck getting it under control...you might want to consider accutane again...I'm going to start my first dose next week sometime...hopefully at 80mg/day for 5 months will rid me of this horrible affliction for a couple years at least.

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Well i am 21 years old in november 8 ^^

been having acne since 14-15

by hormonal , one of parent had bad acne and he has bad skin

so i do too kinda... but i will never give up will do exercise everyday!!

on this year i had like 3-4 acne on my face only...

mostly on my back , had like 10+ Little ones.

is gone now only got a few..

I currently have 1 acne on my face. and some red spot will be gone but takes to long.

And well see if i get acne when i am 21 , i hope not.

I AM planning to get a job , permit for license , then college at age 21

so i hope nothing happens to me :(

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I am 39 and had acne for over 25 years. The key to getting through this for me was finding a decent derm. In my experience some GP's messed me about so if what you are on is not working for you then get back to the derm or doc. It's all about finding something that works for you and controlling acne so you can get on with life.

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Wow Grubbs-how do you manage 2-4 jobs with 32 hours of college?

I'm doing 3 jobs right now plus school, but there not paid.

I admire your philosophy and I'm trying to work at it. The "don't give a shit" attitude.

I tend to get anxiety attacks though when I'm around people. There not as bad now though.

It use to feel like needles were going through my face and head.

Also, I still get acne plus each one of them leave red/brown marks so I got it all over my face and they don't leave.

But I think I'm done with acne, which I'm grateful. Just the red and brown marks now. I hope the people who are still suffering find some cure as well.

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Wow Grubbs-how do you manage 2-4 jobs with 32 hours of college?

I'm doing 3 jobs right now plus school, but there not paid.

I admire your philosophy and I'm trying to work at it. The "don't give a shit" attitude.

I tend to get anxiety attacks though when I'm around people. There not as bad now though.

It use to feel like needles were going through my face and head.

Also, I still get acne plus each one of them leave red/brown marks so I got it all over my face and they don't leave.

But I think I'm done with acne, which I'm grateful. Just the red and brown marks now. I hope the people who are still suffering find some cure as well.

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I feel for you all :( but at least reading that im not the only one does kinda make me feel better. My acne started when i was 14 and now im turning 22 next month. It started out as almost nothing just a few zits here and there so i ignored it. That was probably one of the worst mistakes i made. By the time i hit 16 i had severe acne cysts and all. Over time it has calmed down a small amount but its still pretty bad. Not to mention besides the cysts and other lesions i have a decent amount of scaring that i know will never be gone even if by some miracle of god my acne went away. At the time and still to this day actually I have never been able to see a dermatologist about my acne. My family could never afford any type of health insurance and now that im in college im supporting myself alone so its even more impossible to spend 100 a month for some insurance + hundreds more in acne products. I tried alot of normal over the counter stuff like nuetrogena proactive etc.. but nothing really worked. I didnt think acne would last 10 years + but at this rate i guess thats just what i have to deal with. Im almost to the point where id rather just take out 3 grand more in student loans just to get a year of insurance and pay for some relief from this stupid acne.

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I'm 22 and have had acne since 16.

By now it's driving me nuts. I've developed depression and bdd. I'm in year 4 of college. In high school and the previous years of college, whenever I had a breakout I still went to school. I sat through the day daydreaming, just waiting for it to end so I could get home. But at least I went there and heard a bit of material. Nowadays, when I have a breakout I feel terrible and stay at home all day. I stay at home and do nothing. I don't feel like doing anything.

Adult acne is quite a beast.

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Most of you are "whippersnappers" compared to me, I'm 47 and have fought moderate inflammatory acne since I was 16. It was just as bad in my 20's as in my teens. It did not really start to slow down a little until I hit my late 30's or early 40's. It is better now, but still flares up and I always have something going on to deal with regarding my complexion (just not the really bad cystic stuff I used to have - at least not usually).

I agree with the earlier posts about there being something fundamentally different about us. Not sure what it is though. I suspect it has something to do with our immune system and ability to deal with inflammation. But I don't know how that translates into oily skin that does not properly keratonize (is that a proper use of the word? - you know what I mean).

Someday, someone will finally figure this all out. In the mean time, find a regimen that works for you, keep searching for new ideas (this forum is great for that) and try to remember that even though you see it as horrible, most people don't think as much about it as we do ourselves. It has ruined too many days of my life and will probably threaten more in the future. But, I try not to let it keep me from doing things or seeing myself in a negative way. Some days that is harder to do than others though, I must admit.


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I posted a while ago (I think in October) in this thread. Basically, my face is better, but of course it's not all settled. Only when I will have a normal skin will I be happy.

Like I said before, I am getting more sleep (around 7 to 8 hours a night), and this has helped a lot because I don't like crap anymore from lack of sleep. It's already a big help. I am also cutting down on masturbation, like once every three days and sometimes even less. I also get tanned, not much, once a week.

All of this appears to have helped, with sleep and reduced masturbation probably the biggest help. Oh and I also changed the way I wash my skin. I noticed that if I slide my finger nail against the areas that produce the most oil, a white/gray residue will form. So what I do is warm up a wet hand towel and wash those areas before taking a shower, making small circles (it is less harsh on the skin to do it this way), and being careful not to rub harshly where I still have a pimple. It has done a very good job on the sides of my neck, close to my ear lobes, and my nose, and practically completely cleared my upper back.

Try it, when you will be in the shower, just slide your fingernail over whatever area of your face or body that produces more sebum. You'll be surprised how much of it is not washed away when you just take a regular shower, even after scrubbing normally with a hand towel. You really have to actually pay attention to those spots and wash them properly.

I also dilute white vinegar in water and then rub those areas gently after scrubbing, maybe 10 mins before taking the shower (this is for my back, neck, and the ears, not the face). I do this just once a week or so.

Basically, not major routine for me:

1- 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, it does really good because you'll just look better than without good sleep, period.

2- Wash the oily parts of your skin on their own, before taking a shower, to get the residues off.

3- Mix white vinegar with water (like 4 times more water than vinegar), dip your fingers in and rub the fingers gently on the oily surfaces but not the face itself (at least make sure you avoid anywhere near the eyes! if you accidentally get some in the eyes run mild water and put your face/eyes underneath to wash it off quickly, believe me it hurts like crazy!).

4- No masturbation. If you have to, do it quickly, don't take more than 10 mins, and just try to avoid it in general. When you don't think about it you'll just forget about it. I feel that if you take more than 10 mins, the body starts to produce more hormone or who knows what, but regardless I know it makes my skin feel "hot" and I'll get a breakout by the next day.

That's all. Simple enough no? It hasn't cleared me completely, but I'm much better off than before, much much better off.

Give it a shot, it cost nothing!

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hey guys i know how most of you feel, im 21, married and have a 1 month old baby already and i still have acne!! I dont know how many times i have missed work or school because of a break out and i hate taking pictures. I will say that my acne is not as bad as it used to be. My face has gone through some crazy stages. First i would always have huge cysts on my forehead then before i went to college my doc prescribed me minocycline and it was a miracle drug that only lasted for 7 months. During that time my face was always oily and shiny and then after the acne started coming back it went from my forhead to my chin and cheeks. After taking doxy, tetra, differin, retin-a, doxy again, all types of BP cleansers, i still have them. So one day after i got kicked off of my parents insurance i decided to try some natural remedies from this site, so i tried the aspirin mask, i tried the honey mask, baking soda, lemon, yogurt, vitamin c, zinc, and still no help. Then i tried organic apple cider vinegar and even though it didnt really help to clear the acne, it instantly took away my oil from my face!!! miracle!! but im still on the road trying to find something that works and i feel like accutan is my last resort once i get my insurance back!!

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hi im 24 years old.

my acne was quite severe during my days at school to the first part of uni (16-20). but for some reason, just before i got my first gf, im face cleared up perfectly and i could watever i wanted and it would be fine. this lasted for 3.5 years until i moved to a new city, sydney.

i moved up in sydney, i had just started my first full time job. i was fine in the first 2 months, then my gf broke up with me and i found out that she cheated (long distance relationship). Within that month, i decided to do some self improvement and i started to drink protein with full cream milk. i did this from the start of march to the end of may. i stopped because during start of may, i started to break out big time. i have a feeling it was the milk, as i drank a lot of this. since then i have been avoiding it.

i cleared for a few months in beginning of july (still red marks), until october then i broke out (big cyst on right cheek) again (i have a feeling it was because i took some ecstasy)...

it cleared a little (small one here and there, still red marks) and then i got another cyst on the right side.. i have no idea wat this was from...

i really have no idea wat causes my acne, going from thinking it was cleared for the 3 years before this one. Is it the lifestyle (im getting up to go to work at 8am now everyday, whereas in uni i would sleep in and relax), no gf?, emotional attitude/stress at work, milk i drank (i avoid like the plague now), new city?

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Dear Fellow Jedi Knights,

You bring so much encouragement to me, and I am very appreciative.

I am a very late 30-something, battered and bruised, weathered and scarred, sometimes optimistic and

sometimes pessimistic guy, somehow making his way in this very superficial society (Los Angeles,


I am so very impressed with the younger generation (you 20-somethings). You dudes are really intelligent,

compassionate and totally willing to share some of the most difficult experiences that you will ever

experience in this life. I'm just almost wordless, speechless, you know. It's very touching. Que the violins -->


By the way, I would like to nominate Grubbs for President (when he reaches 35 years young. I think that will

be year 2022. Grubbs, start campaigning now). :dance:

**We must be grateful to the beneficial power of the Internet and kind websites such as this one, to help

bring comfort during our troubled times. I know for a fact that if I were able to help alleviate my pains, by

sharing, via the Internet, when I was 16, 17, etc... well, I would have certainly suffered much, much less. No

doubt about it. **

Actually, I'm posting now, because I recently quit my 10+ year job due to some entrenched Sith lords who

eliminated my fellow Jedis at the company over the years, lost my allies, and the Sith definitely tried to

"draw and quarter" my department and me. So, I'm back into the "job interview" world soon, and although I

don't have the acne inflammations of my youth anymore, I certainly have the quite noticeable battle scars.

So, it's still a confidence factor. Sure, I have my career experience, but you know... We are always our

harshest critics, aren't we ?

So, I visited this site, via a link from skin conditioning product, because I've been trying to look for

remedies to help smooth away or soften the scars (and I could never afford dermabrasion, chemical peels,

etc... with the costs of living in LA --> no way). My most recent health insurance would not cover such

procedures as they were considered "cosmetic" in my case, jeez.... Just FYI: When I was an early 20-

something, I did manage to get one treatment of Accutane via family member insurance, and I do

recommend it. It's not 100%, but it will definitely help to shut down the major inflammations.

Okay, so I wanted to share this little bit of wisdom with YOU, my fellow and valiant Jedis, just so that you

know that during my darkest days, and I mean very horribly DARK, degrading, helpless, nearly-suicidal

days, I somehow managed to get by...

A LOYAL FRIEND... one who loves and cares for YOU, who sees you for YOU and not as a someone

suffering from a bad complexion. If you are fortunate to have a friend like this, who has stood by your side,

especially through the DARK days, trust me, ensure that you continue to remain in contact. Go outside and

do activities together on your free time. Try not to sit home too much, in your room of solitude -- although

being alone, listening to your mp3 players can be fun (I just bought one ! Wow!) Anyway, just be sure to go

outside and share good times with your loyal friend(s) whomever he or she may be. Your loyal friend will

always SMILE with you... instilling warmth and love... when others stare and glare. As a great philospher

once said: ' A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.' ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

A HOBBY... like Star Wars, for me. You can go to conventions and meet others who share your passions.

Most won't care what you look like, because you are a friend. Back in 1979, when I was a kid, I was able to

see Star Wars and a preview of Empire Strikes Back... in the movie theatre. It changed my life forever.

Well, in those dark days, try and focus on your hobbies, whatever brings you personal joy and inspiration.

This is so important, trust me.

Finally, be sure to find some authors/ musicians/ artists, who bring INSPIRATION to you. A simple phrase

from a creative soul can change a life, or at least prolong it:

' It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;

what is essential is invisible to the eye.' Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Link --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Little_Prince

Do I have all the answers to this terrible affliction ? Not at all. Even now, I do experience some dark days,

but I try to persevere, to appreciate and love myself for WHO I AM, scars and all. It is a struggle. It is a

challenge... but, remember, there are people in this world who will LOVE you, who will care for you,

because they "can see rightly."

Let's continue to help and encourage one another.

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He fellas.

Im 22 and suffer from acne as well & have been for 8 years.. It really shitting me now .. I thought I would of grown out of it by now.... I've got really BAD pores on my cheeks, nose & forehead ... and in those pores are full of non stop gunk... I've tried everything from natural remedies, vitamins & creams... It's really annoying being forced to bunkering in my house and unable to go out with the mates or find a job because of the embarrassment of my face. I just wish I had the carefree skin of an average adult.

Well I'm thinking of pulling the pin and seeing a doc to get some Accutane... Do you think my acne is suitable for such treatment.

Cheers. Ebi.

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I also suffer from adult acne. I am 24, turning 25 in May. I started getting cystic acne at 17, which was terrible and saw a derm who was equally terrible. I tried homeopathy and cut dairy products form my diet for a while. I had moderate success, but the acne persisted. I then tried accutane at 23 after seeing a new dermatologist, which largely eliminated the cystic acne. This cleared my skin perfectly, but the acne reappeared after a few months, but to a much lesser degree. My acne has always been moving from good to bad to good again, but never seems to go away permanently.

I continue to get cystic acne on my bum sometimes, rarely on my face. My arms have littel red bumps that don't really go away,but are contained by my clindoxyl cream. My nose is quite oily, despite using clindoxyl cream, which has benzoly peroxide in it. Small acne seems to scar my face, maybe from my past treatmen of accutane, because it made my skin sensitive.

Myquestion, like that of the above poster is whether or not I should go on accutane again. My derm prescribed it for me, but that was when he saw me after a bad skin flareup which doesn't actually happen that often. Mostly I'm dealing with stuff that is contained by my clindoxly cream, but flares up every week or two. I just hate dealing with my skin so much, having to look after it after all these years with such extreme attention. I seem to be prone to scarring which I hate, even if the acne is mild, so...accutane or no accutane. I'm in school now and I'm considering waiting to see if I should take accutane later, because when on accutane I had problems concentrating. Although the derm prescribed my a lower dosage of accutane than before.

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Hi Guys,

My most recent post was more inspirational and encouraging for you. I'll be a bit more specific as regards to my accutane treatment (only one). This was over 10 years ago, so I have to imagine that the formulations of accutane have been designed to be more gentle (I hope!). First, be sure to find a qualified dermatologist. When I was 22, I was lucky to have the insurance to find a dermatologist in Beverly Hills, CA. He was very professional and sensitive. I was put on the full first course of accutane, which completely reduced the red inflammations I experienced along my jawlines, forehead and back shoulders. It took about a month (after some peelings), but the major inflammations reduced dramatically. I was able to feel just that much better about going outside and doing activities. Now, the doctor insisted on LIVER TESTs (blood tests) EVERY WEEK to ensure that my liver was not becoming toxic. Well, I was done with the first course, and I looked forward to the second course of treatment, BUT the liver tests showed that I would not be able to take the second course. I was pretty bummed out about it, but as I was not a doctor, I did not want to subject my liver to extreme toxicity at the young age of 22. The first course of accutane remarkably reduced the facial inflammations. I was so relieved. As for scarring, I really would not believe that accutane would be the culprit, as from what I've read it all depends on the initial damage to the sebacious glands (hair cells). Again, I certainly recommend accutane, if you have the insurance and take the weekly liver tests as proscribed by the dermatologist. Another word of encouragement: Remember, you guys are in your 20-somethings and honestly, you have to find the strength to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Technology is improving, and hopefully, there will be greater strides in dermatology, we hope. Remember, you don't need all the friends in the world, just a few. You can focus on hobbies, get outside. For career, I have to believe that there are sympathetic folks out there, who understand the pain (maybe only as a sibling of one who suffered). Also, for career, focus on a job that doesn't involve having to deal with lots of people daily, in the physical sense (i.e. retail). Work in an office environment/ quiet locals, if possible. And most importantly, remember that YOU have gifts to bring to the world. You have every right to LIVE and exist as any other person in the world. I know, it's comparable to climbing "Mt Everest" mentally, but you can do it. You can get through the pain. I don't know how I survived those very dark and debilitating days, but I did somehow. You can do it, too. All the best... skywalker2

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Hey guys, It helps reading these posts to know other people have the same problems. I am 25 and have been dealing with moderate acne since I was 14. I had about 4 years (19-23) where I had clear skin and only had to worry about an occasional pimple. I am not sure why it came back, and is worse than ever now. Tried monocycline and tetra recently and didnt touch it. The blue light treatment worked well for about 2 months then stopped. I am going to try Bactrium antibiotic next, if that doesnt work, I am going to Tane.

As far as the self confidence there is no doubt it is damaging. I just try to take care of everything else I can control, because I cant control the acne. I am a triathlete so I stay in good shape and eat really well. Get good haircuts and dress well. I just try to do everything I can to look and feel professional.

Currently, I am back in graduate school. Recently I was turned down for a promotion in the company I worked for. I know the acne had a factor in it, as appearance is important to that job. It sucks, when your qualified and smart and people wont take you seriously because your 25 and have acne. I just keep working hard and take care of what I can control. I know someday it will pay off!!! Keep your head up guys and be positive. There are much worse conditions we could be dealing with!!!


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I swear I replied to this thread before, but I don't see my reply anywhere, so I guess I didn't.

23 here, about to turn 24 at the end of March. I probably got my first little spot when I was 13? My acne probably reached two different peaks. The first was during high school when I had consistent, but mild inflammatory acne on my forehead. I remedied this problem with skin products, but then always suffered from a spot or two at random areas on my face. When I tried to get completely clear midway through college, I went to a dermatologist and was prescribed various retinoids. My acne peaked again with all of the bad initial breakouts, some of which I believe were cystic.

I also had some back/body acne which peaked in high school and has been on a gradual decline ever since. My skin has also become much less oily the past few years. Only my nose and forehead to a lesser extent still get oily after a long day.

Currently, I am on Dan's regimen and clear most of the time. Red marks last forever though. I tend to experiment with my routine which leads to some spots, and am gradually reducing the amount of BP I apply in the hope of someday going off all products forever.

I've promised myself that if I can't stay nearly completely clear without products by the time I pass 25, I am seriously going to start considering accutane. I do like the progress I've made over the past few years, though, and my family history does not suggest that I'll have acne long-term, so I am optimistic. We'll see.

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