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Consultation with PS finally!!

I wasn’t planning on going to a cosmetic plastic surgeon for a few months, but visiting this site once a day has compelled me to schedule an appointment, along with fact I kept on looking at the mirror wanting to break it lol. Anyways I called the PS and scheduled an appointment for oct. 11; I was so nervous on the phone and barely answered the questions as if I was being judged or something (I know dumb but cant help it). Anyways just in cause this happens again, what should I ask during my consultation. I plan on having fraxel, subscion, and then fillers in a 1 yr process. I dont want to be ill informed and get taken advantage of. For those who have been in a similar question plz advise me.

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Guest sm_oore

Yeah i know what you maen about all questions. Sometimes it is kind of hard to make that first phone call, but its a step forward.

Just be careful if they seem like they're in for your money, like recommending procedures you fell you may not need.

Ask a lot of ?'s. You might even want to write some down, I don't know how many times i forgot to ask something important.

Ask if they have any before & after pics of their own, (not fraxel's).

Ask which fraxel they have and what setting you think they'll use. It'll give you an idea of how much they know to use for scarring and if they even have done acne scarring. My first consult was my worst, they didn't seem to know anything so make sure you're going to a reputable place. Also ask if you can have the RN/Dr. that does the fraxel tx's present during the consult. Most of the time its the RN, not the Dr.'s that do fraxel so sometimes they are more familiar with the machine.

For subcision, ask them what kind of needle they use, some say that it depends a lot on what kind they use because some can actually make scars worse. And i'd just research on some fillers if you haven't already.

Good Luck.

Keep us updated.

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