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sebaceous gland removal

I came across this break through South Korean Procedure on the acne research board and am somewhat overwhelmed by the potential it seems to offer. According to there website this should stop black heads and oil production in its tracks as well as all other forms of acne if performed on the entire face. I can't find any other information on it other than whats on the website, but I have emailed the practice and am eagerly awaiting details concerning cost, clinical trials and the potential for American adaptation. I personally not only deal with a ton of large blackheads on my nose proximity, but I also contend with mild cystic acne and am on my second course of accutane, this time @30 mg a day. I pretty much feel that acne has robbed me of my wellbeing and If this is legit, then I wouldn't hesitate to spend whatever it takes to be rid of this bull shit once and for all. Here is the Link


And here is an interesting Q and A

I’d like to find an acne treatment which will make sure I don’t get acne again

I have been suffering from acne for a long time. I’ve tried applying medication supposed to work wonders and have visited dermatologists, but to no avail. I have spent so much time and money in acne treatment. I’m getting to lose confidence as my skin is more and more covered with acne… Is there a magical treatment to get rid of acne?

Acne is an infection of follicles; a kind of folliculitis. Unlike typical folliculitis, however, acne only occurs where there are sebaceous glands. Acne treatment, using Gobayasi insulating needle takes advantage of this characteristic and destroys sebaceous glands to ensure acne does not occur in that particular spot any more. Specially designed fine insulating needle destroys sebaceous glands; this works in the same theory as permanent hair removal which destroys hair roots so that hair does not grow again. Gobayasi insulating needle procedure completely cures adult onset acne with a mere 1~2 treatments. Rather than teenage acne when all follicles are actively involved, the insulating needle treatment is more suitable for adult onset acne after the age of 20, chronic recurrent acne, acne along your jaw line which leaves scars, and intractable inflamed acne.

On an average, two procedures are needed, with a one-month waiting period in between. It can be done in as little as 30 minutes and you can wash your face and apply makeup immediately after procedure. The destroyed sebaceous glands can be squeezed clean the day after procedure at the clinic. It typically takes a month for the acne to subside and 4 months for the redness to completely disappear.

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I read up on this when i was getting recurring sebaceous cysts. (i still get them ahh!! But gave up trying to get rid of them.

Plz keep us posted if u find any further info on this :)

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