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Hi everyone, I am kinda new here and I need some advice. I have mild/moderate acne. My forehead and right cheek have small tiny bumps that never come out to a head except for the week of my period. Then I get little red marks that heal pretty quickly. My left cheek is about 98% clear, so no worries on that side. I have had the bumps on my forehead for as long as I can remember(I am 23 now), and they recently appeared on my cheek around the new year 07. It is soooo anoying because just when I think it is smoothing over and clearing up I get my period and it all goes whack and gets inflamed. I have an appointment with a derm Dr. for the first time ever on Oct. 5th and I'd like to know what you think she is going to suggest or prescribe.?! Again, it's not the pustule acne clusters, it's just those tiny bumps that you can see in certain light. Except for when I get my period some of them get soo inflamed that they turn into a small pimple that turns into a red spot, that finally fades by the end of my period. I have small pores, very small pores, and I wonder if that could be the problem???

About three months ago I switched from Cyclessa to Ortho tri cyclen lo to see if that would help and it kinda seemed like it did, but the results were'nt drastic. Please any suggestions would be awesome. One more question, if anyone knows, is there a regular dose of B5 that you can take without going overboard? Like 500mg/day. I didnt know if I should try that or not.

I just hope that my face can be clear eventually, cuz it has really taken a toll on my self confidence. I get told that I could be a model, but no one wants a model with a skin condition.

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